Monday, January 28, 2008

Coach and assistant

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Best Movies of '07

What are some of your Best Movies of '07?
Some of my best movies are:
- Die Hard 4
- Rush Hour 3
- Next
- 1408
- Beowulf
- Shoot em Up
- Superbad
- No Country for old Men
- Transformers
- Bourne Ultimatum

"its Esco in case u aint know so"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just Got Myself a Sony PSP (I'm Back)

Having been one of the first peeps to bring the Sony PSP system to Ghana, it wasn't a surprise that after two years without my bricked love I wanted to come back.
Actually the main reason why I got it this second time is the fact that my BFF . . . needed someone to school his a** on some multi-player games.
On lunch one day, I went with him to Accra central opposite "LAVA" and scooped up one for GH¢150.00.
I had to leave it with him for a couple of days to get it downgraded and custom "firmwarize" to a firmware that can enable me to run games on the 8GB memory stick I am planning on getting.
I managed to get my hands on these games and try 'em:
GTA: Liberty Stories
Fight night: Round 3
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
Street Fighter: Alpha Max 3
Mortal Kombat: Unchained
Bleach 4
Fifa Street 2

I can't wait for Max Payne to be released on the PSP.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Accra's Greatest Shopping Experience!!

Accra Mall is the first World Class Shopping Centre in Ghana - an exciting concept of one stop shopping. The Accra Mall presents convenience and a unique experience of retail, leisure, entertainment, movies, games and health in a style and on a scale never experienced in Ghana before.

This is retailing on a scale never experienced in Ghana before. Over 20 000m2 of retail and commercial space anchored by Africa's premier retailers:

  • Shoprite - Africa's largest grocery store
  • Game - Africa's largest retail discount chain
  • Nu Metro - Africa's premier entertainment facility with five movie theatres

These facilities combine to create Ghana's premier entertainment facility!

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Make iPhone’s Safari to Download and Save Files (for windows and mac)

iPhone or iPod Touch’s Safari now not only can browse the internet, but also download the files. After installing this plugin, some types of files can be downloaded to iPhone’s “/var/root/Media/Download” folder. We assumed you already know how to jailbreak, unlock and install SSH in your iPhone. (read the ultimate guide page if you don’t) Here is how:

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Add 1.1.3 New Features to iPhone 1.1.2

You should probably know about iPhone next firmware 1.1.3 new feature from the news. I think most of all will not upgrade to 1.1.3 even it is available because this firmware update probably bricks unlocked iPhone 1.1.2. Here is a short tutorial to show you how to enhance existing iPhone 1.1.2 with next firmware’s features.

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Free iTunes Account No Matter Where You Live

Only specific country have an iTunes store. If your country doesn’t have, you are not able to grab the album art and free songs of the week. But now, you will still be able to grab your own iTunes account using the following method no matter where you are. And it’s free! (Of course you need to pay to purchase the songs and other stuff.)

I used it in Ghana-Africa and it works great, actually I'm still using it.

Thanks to

Read How to here

Save Windows from “Hang” State

Windows XP is considered to be very stable. And Vista… hmm… Anyway, sometimes programs hung and freeze the Windows. The Windows may still be able to move but shows “no program is responding”. AntiFreeze can save Windows from hung state. It integrates with Windows and you can call it out using the hot key. The software work as a emergency task manager. The software can save you if:

1. One or more programs are doing very intensive tasks, they consume so much processor cycles that the system becomes unresponsive.
2. One or more programs consume so much memory that the swapping file is heavily used, overloading the system
3. Programs are running with a scheduling priority which is so high that they consume all processor resources
4. Too many programs are running at the same time and they all have to compete for attention from the processor.

Best of all, the software is free and available for Windows XP and Vista.

How to Create Custom Ringtones for a 1.1.2 iPhone Using Windows

If you are an iPhone user like me, you would have wondered one point in time how to easily get those damn ringtones on your phone.

Well this post answers your daring question.

Read about how to here