Monday, February 25, 2008


Here are the complete list of the winners of the 80th Academy Award.

LOS ANGELES - The Coen brothers completed their journey from the
fringes to Hollywood's mainstream on Sunday, their crime saga
"No Country for Old Men" winning four Academy Awards, including best
picture, in a ceremony that also featured a strong international flavor.

The Oscar broadcast began with a fanfare and an effects-laden opening
 segment showing key characters and creatures from past films lining Hollywood Boulevard.

Stewart started his opening monologue with a wisecrack about the 100-day writers strike that
ended just in time for the Oscars to come off as usual.

"These past three and a half months have been very tough. The town was torn apart by a bitter
writer's strike, but I'm happy to say that the fight is over," Stewart said. "So tonight, welcome to the makeup sex."

Bobby Esco

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easyest Way To Unlock Your Iphone....

Hi M8s

Here R The Easyest Way To Unlock Your Iphone Bootloader 4.6

Dont Be Confused After Reading Too Many Steps To Unlock Iphone Bootloader 4.6.

Here R The Simple And Easy Steps .

1 :- Restore Ver 1.1.1 (Can Be Found On The Fourm )
2:- Jailbreak It
3:-install Bsd And Refresh Sources
4:-install 1.1.2-1.1.3 Otb G-unlock (most Important For Unlocking)

Thats It . Ur I-phone Is Unlocked And Ready To Use Any Sim

5:- Now Install Oktoprep To Update 1.1.2
6:- Update To Ver 1.1.2 And Jailbrake
7:- Install Iworld And Chose Ur Homeland

Thats All . Very Thing Finish . Now Put Any Sim And Enjoy Your Iphone .

All The Required Files R On The Fourm ( On So Many Places But If U Still Need Those Can Catch Me On Msn (

If U Have Any Question Or Any Confusion Just Tell Me I Will Solve Ur Problems At My Earliest .

Best Of Luck


Mahmood Shad .

Monday, February 4, 2008

iPhone Home Button *Replacement*

Hey Guys, sorry i havent been around for a while. My big brother and his lovely wife came down so i was just showing them around and making surte they had a good time.

Well this post is about how i finnaly managed to get back to the home screen / springboard of my iphone.

my big brother bought me a DIA iphone 1.0.2 for a pretty cool price. I was torn between sending it back to the states to be sold and another won bought for me, buy this part called USB Connector Circuit and change with the one mesed up in the phone and finnaly try and figutre out a way back to the springboard.

after going through google for three days i finnaly got it. ordly enough i had given up on the search and was about to go home and return the phone to my brother and be branded a looser when i figured it out in the car whilst playing with the phone.

well it's very simple.

  1. make sure u put a code on your iphone
  2. everytime it prompts u to unlock, first hit emergency call
  3. then hit cancel and now put in your unlock code
  4. this should take u striaght to the home screen /spring board
if this works for u just holla and let me know.