Sunday, February 10, 2008

Easyest Way To Unlock Your Iphone....

Hi M8s

Here R The Easyest Way To Unlock Your Iphone Bootloader 4.6

Dont Be Confused After Reading Too Many Steps To Unlock Iphone Bootloader 4.6.

Here R The Simple And Easy Steps .

1 :- Restore Ver 1.1.1 (Can Be Found On The Fourm )
2:- Jailbreak It
3:-install Bsd And Refresh Sources
4:-install 1.1.2-1.1.3 Otb G-unlock (most Important For Unlocking)

Thats It . Ur I-phone Is Unlocked And Ready To Use Any Sim

5:- Now Install Oktoprep To Update 1.1.2
6:- Update To Ver 1.1.2 And Jailbrake
7:- Install Iworld And Chose Ur Homeland

Thats All . Very Thing Finish . Now Put Any Sim And Enjoy Your Iphone .

All The Required Files R On The Fourm ( On So Many Places But If U Still Need Those Can Catch Me On Msn (

If U Have Any Question Or Any Confusion Just Tell Me I Will Solve Ur Problems At My Earliest .

Best Of Luck


Mahmood Shad .

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