Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How I got a life (and love) on Craigslist

Online dating’s ‘bargain basement’ yields a buried treasure for one writer

Let's make one thing clear: Craigslist is not for the faint of heart. If you prefer to spend your time in an environment that's politically correct, chivalrous and wholesome, this site may turn your stomach and leave you depressed about the state of the world.

But if you're willing to take a risk, the site — on which people can post classified ads for jobs, apartments, furniture, events, personals, pets and even erotic services, among other things — can connect you to people and opportunities that would otherwise be out of your reach.

Cheap thrills
My relationship with Craig began in 2003 when I was a college student living in Minneapolis. I had been moving every year and didn't have the time or money to invest in furniture. A friend suggested that I go on the site to find cheap, used furniture that I could, in turn, sell when I was ready to move. It started with a $20 desk; then a $10 dresser and a $5 lamp. The bargain-hunting gene from my Indian ancestors was finally flexing its muscles and I was experiencing a thrifty shoppers' high!

I collected all kinds of clutter, including books I never read, spray cheese and towels embroidered with initials that were nowhere near my own. Then I started responding to the “Rants and Raves” postings on the site. If someone wrote a racist comment (which was almost every other posting), I wrote them back a history lesson. If someone was depressed about the state of his love life, I sent words of encouragement.

Pretty soon, Craig was taking over my life. My head often ached from sitting at the computer late into the night. I needed space, and I finally took a break from the site, giving myself a Craigslist intervention.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pioneer shows off 16-layer 400GB Blu-ray Disc, affirms compatibility with current players

When Pioneer first introduced its unicorn-like 16-layer 400GB Blu-ray Disc, we weren't sure if the thing would make it beyond the drawing board, let alone be compatible with existing BD decks. Over at the IT Month Fair in Taipei, Pioneer showed up to showcase the capacious disc, and better still, a DigiTimes report asserts that these are indeed compatible with Blu-ray readers already on the market. Currently, the 400GB disc is slated to hit mass production sometime between now and 2010, while rewritable versions won't hit until 2010 to 2012. Not like it really matters though -- a 1TB disc is on track for 2013, and you know you'll be waiting for the latest and greatest.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

How To: Update Firmware, Debranding, and/or Change Language Pack on the Nokia N95

If you are a new Nokia N95 owner, this might be helpful to you, especially those with missing features.

Download and install: Nemesis Service Suite and the latest Nokia Software Update.

1. Connect your phone and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
2. Open Nemesis Service Suite and click “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window
3. Click on the icon “Phone info”
4. Click on “Scan”
5. Change the product code to the one you want from the list below.
6. Mark the case “Enable”.
7. Press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don’t worry, the product code changed !).
8. Close Nemesis Service Suite and run the Nokia Software Update.
9. Make sure not to touch the cable or the phone while your phone is updating or else you will break it!
10. That’s it! When you restart your phone, it should now be upgraded!

Product Codes

0534841 EURO1 - Sand
0534842 FRANCE
0534843 ALPS
0534844 EURO2
0534845 TURKEY
0534848 BALTIAN
0534849 RUSSIAN
0534850 UKRAINE
0534851 CIS, Bulgaria
0534852 EURO3
0534853 BALKANS
0534857 ISRAEL

0536062 EURO1 - Plum
0536063 FRANCE
0536064 ALPS
0536065 EURO2
0536066 TURKEY
0536069 BALTIAN
0536070 RUSSIAN
0536071 UKRAINE
0536072 CIS, Bulgaria
0536074 EURO3
0536075 BALKANS
0536079 ISRAEL

0534832: Hong Kong
0536084: Hong Kong
0534830: Taiwan
0536083: Taiwan
0534833: Apac 1
0536085: Apac 1
0534834: Philippines
0534835: Australia
0534836: New Zeland
0534837: Indonesia
0536086: Philippines
0536087: Australia
0536088: New Zeland
0536089: Indonesia
0548298: India Apac 2
0548299: India Apac 2
0535053: Thailand
0536093: Thailand
0534839: Vietnam
0536091: Vietnam

Operator Specific codes
0548170 - Orange UK
0548020 - Movistar

Tip- Soft and Hard Reset, Format Codes for Nokia N95

Here are a couple of codes to soft/hard reset/format a Nokia N95 mobile device:

Soft reset code *#7370#
Hard reset code *#7780#

If the hard format code mentioned aboive does not work, try the following manual method to hard reset/format Nokia N95:

+ Turn off the mobile device.
+ Press and Hold the following three buttons: the green Call Answer button, the “*” button, and the number “3″ button.
+ While holding these buttons, turn on the phone and keep holding the keys untill the mobile phone restarts and prompts you to enter details.

Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down

NEW YORK – A Wal-Mart worker was killed Friday when "out-of-control" shoppers desperate for bargains broke down the doors at a 5 a.m. sale. Other workers were trampled as they tried to rescue the man, and customers shouted angrily and kept shopping when store officials said they were closing because of the death, police and witnesses said.

At least four other people, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to hospitals for observation or minor injuries, and the store in Valley Stream on Long Island closed for several hours before reopening.

Shoppers stepped over the man on the ground and streamed into the store. When told to leave, they complained that they had been in line since Thursday morning.

Nassau police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the store doors at the mall about 20 miles east of Manhattan. The impatient crowd knocked the man, identified by police as Jdimytai Damour of Queens, to the ground as he opened the doors, leaving a metal portion of the frame crumpled like an accordion.

"This crowd was out of control," said Nassau police spokesman Lt. Michael Fleming. He described the scene as "utter chaos."

Dozens of store employees trying to fight their way out to help Damour were also getting trampled by the crowd, Fleming said.

Items on sale at the store included a Samsung 50-inch Plasma HDTV for $798, a Bissel Compact Upright Vacuum for $28, a Samsung 10.2 megapixel digital camera for $69 and DVDs such as "The Incredible Hulk" for $9.

Damour, 34, was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead about 6 a.m., police said. The exact cause of death has not been determined.

A 28-year-old pregnant woman was taken to a hospital, where she and the baby were reported to be OK, said police Sgt. Anthony Repalone.

Police said criminal charges were possible in the case, but Fleming said it would be difficult to identify individual shoppers. Authorities were reviewing surveillance video.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., based in Bentonville, Ark., called the incident a "tragic situation" and said the employee came from a temporary agency and was doing maintenance work at the store.

"The safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority," said Dan Fogleman, a company spokesman. "At this point, facts are still being assembled and we are working closely with the Nassau County Police as they investigate what occurred."

Kimberly Cribbs, who witnessed the stampede, said shoppers were acting like "savages."

"When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling 'I've been on line since yesterday morning,'" she said. "They kept shopping."

Shoppers around the country line up early outside stores on the day after Thanksgiving in the annual bargain-hunting ritual known as Black Friday. It got that name because it has historically been the day when stores broke into profitability for the full year.

World's oldest person dies: Keys to longevity

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Edna Parker, who became the world's oldest person more than a year ago, has died at age 115.

UCLA gerontologist Dr. Stephen Coles said Parker's great-nephew notified him that Parker died Wednesday at a nursing home in Shelbyville. She was 115 years, 220 days old, said Robert Young, a senior consultant for gerontology for Guinness World Records.

Parker was born April 20, 1893, in central Indiana's Morgan County and had been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest person since the 2007 death in Japan of Yone Minagawa, who was four months her senior.

Coles maintains a list of the world's oldest people and said Parker was the 14th oldest validated supercentenarian in history. Maria de Jesus of Portugal, who was born Sept. 10, 1893, is now the world's oldest living person, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

Parker had been a widow since her husband, Earl Parker, died in 1939 of a heart attack. She lived alone in their farmhouse until age 100, when she moved into a son's home and later to the Shelbyville nursing home.

Although she never drank alcohol or tried tobacco and led an active life, Parker didn't offer tips for living a long life. Her only advice to those who gathered to celebrate when she became the oldest person was "more education."

Parker outlived her two sons, Clifford and Earl Jr. She also had five grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

Don Parker, 60, said his grandmother had a small frame and a mild temperament. She walked a lot and kept busy even after moving into the nursing home, he said.

"She kept active," he said Thursday. "We used to go up there, and she would be pushing other patients in their wheelchairs."

Gov. Mitch Daniels celebrated with Parker on her 114th birthday.

"It was a delight to know Edna, who must have been a remarkable lady at any age," Daniels said.

Parker taught in a two-room school in Shelby County for several years after graduating from Franklin College in 1911. She wed her childhood sweetheart and neighbor in 1913.

But as was the tradition of that era, her teaching career ended with her marriage. Parker traded the schoolhouse for life as a farmer's wife, preparing meals for as many as a dozen men who worked on her husband's farm.

Parker noted with pride last year that she and her husband were one of the first owners of an automobile in their rural area.

Coincidentally, Parker lived in the same nursing home as 7-foot-7 Sandy Allen, whom Guinness recognized as the world's tallest woman until her death in August.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Travelling Tips for the Smart Traveler

Every terminal has tricks that savvy fliers can use to save time and reduce hassles, says one seasoned traveler. Find out how to get a leg up on your fellow passengers during the holiday season.

It’s a busy Friday evening at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and I’ve just flown in from London. More than 300 of us have collected our bags and passed through customs and immigration. SeaTac’s arrivals area is a Hieronymous Bosch madhouse — hundreds of people jostling for space at the passenger pickup curb, cigarette smoke choking the air, horns blaring, cars stacked bumper-to-bumper, kids fussing and airport police barking commands.

Ah, but I’m upstairs at the virtually deserted departures level, where peace and quiet reign. My wife zips up in the Toyota, I hop in and off we go. It takes all of 30 seconds. Once again, I’ve beaten the system because I know my home airport inside and out. In the evening (in fact, almost all the time) the departures level upstairs is by far the better place to wait for a ride home.

Travel can be hell — unless you’re a savvy frequent traveler who collects practical expertise to save time and avoid hassles. If you fly 80 to 100 times annually, as I do, saving as little as 10 minutes at each end of a flight adds up to 18 hours each year. That equals reading the paper at home with a second cup of coffee once a week.

I don’t want to give that up (and my airport expertise usually saves far more than a paltry 10 minutes), so I collect secrets for all the airports I use. At SeaTac, for instance, the middle security gateway that leads to the food concourse is invariably quickest — with a line half the length of the queue that leads to the North Satellite terminal. SeaTac is arranged so that passengers can reach any gate in the entire airport once they’re inside the security envelope. Why not use the security gateway that takes the least amount of time?

If you want to join the savvy-airport club, here are five ways to start:

1. Open your eyes. As Yogi Berra said, you can observe a lot just by watching. Early for a plane one day? Take a stroll and check out the alternative security checkpoints. Look for options you haven’t noticed before, such as premium express lines. You can even follow business travelers who look like they know what they’re doing.

2. Ask airport personnel if they have any tricks. Talk to gate agents at check-in, information volunteers or crew members. Ask them, for example, “What’s the easiest way to get to Concourse D?” Virtually every airport has some Transportation Security Administration checkpoints that are quicker than others, and security personnel are happy to tell you about them, since it makes their jobs easier.

3. Ask the frequent travelers you know for advice. People like me catalog airport secrets not only by necessity, but also as a sort of codex for our fraternity. I trade tips at conferences and meetings. Perhaps you’re having your neighbor, the Southeastern U.S. insurance adjuster, over for dinner; offer homemade pie for dessert and ask his secrets. Believe me, he’ll know how to get through Atlanta’s Hartsfield as expeditiously as possible.

4. Check the many online sources of information. The TSA maintains a comprehensive database on security wait times at U.S. airports at http://waittime.tsa.dhs.gov/index.html. Also, the Web sites operated by each airport offer tips and terminal maps; spend a little time before you fly browsing the site for each airport you’ll be visiting on your trip.

5. Avail yourself of the universal tricks frequent travelers can use. For example, consider getting a Clear card, which for $199 speeds travelers into express security lines at 21 airports, including such notorious choke points as Atlanta, Washington’s Dulles and the New York area’s three airports.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Still Got U on ma Mind

Still Got U on ma Mind
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just a little reminder that I still got love for Ubuntu. havent logged in for a while but I would when I am able to get the new one safely running on ma compaq.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Silverbird Cinemas open this friday 14th of november with QUANTUM OF SOLACE @ the Accra MALL

So the long awaited moment has arrived, the Accra Mall is now officially a 1st class Mall. with the premier of the new James Bond movie in five (5) cinema rooms happening for the first time in the city is really a change in the way Ghanaian's define entertainment.

This is all happening thanks to the good works of Global Media Alliance (GMA), an international integrated media and public relations company which was founded in South Africa in November 1998. In 2001, the headquarters was moved to Accra, Ghana.

Silverbird Cinemas Ghana is due to open before the Christmas Holidays. For more info on movies and pending events log on to


Sunday, November 2, 2008

12 simple ways to supercharge your brain

Have you ever felt exasperated when you bumped into someone at the store but absolutely couldn't remember their name? Sure, it happens to all of us.

Despite being the strongest computer on the planet, our brains do lapse. It's hard to blame them really. As humans, we spend much of or existence stuffing our brains with stuff. Some stuff is worthless, some of it's meaningful, some of it, well, it's just stuff and there is an endless amount of it.

No matter how powerful our brains are, they need recuperation time, to be kept in shape, and even an occasional charge. Think of it as a tune up for your brain. Skipping brain maintenance is as silly as the person wandering the parking garage because they forgot where they parked. Is that you? Are you that person? Sure. We all are at some point. No worries, there is hope.

Now I am not a brain surgeon and I am not going to suggest you do anything surgical or dangerous. I am however an astute student of human behavior, so I always look for simple ways to super charge my brain.

Here are some things you can begin doing as soon as today to begin the great brain tune up:

Eat Almonds
Almond is believed to improve memory. If a combination of almond oil and milk is taken together before going to bed or after getting up at morning, it strengthens our memory power. Almond milk is prepared by crushing the almonds without the outer cover and adding water and sugar to it.

Drink Apple Juice
Research from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) indicates that apple juice increases the production of the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain, resulting in an increased memory power.

Sleep well
Research indicates that the long-term memory is consolidated during sleep by replaying the images of the experiences of the day. These repeated playbacks program the subconscious mind to store these images and other related information.

Enjoy simple Pleasures
Stress drains our brainpower. A stress-ridden mind consumes much of our memory resources to leave us with a feeble mind. Make a habit to engage yourself in few simple pleasures everyday to dissolve stress from your mind. Some of these simple pleasures are good for your mind, body and soul.

* Enjoy music you love
* Play with your children
* Appreciate others
* Run few miles a day, bike or swim
* Start a blog
* Take a yoga class or Total Wellness routine

Exercise your mind
Just as physical exercise is essential for a strong body, mental exercise is equally essential for a sharp and agile mind. Have you noticed that children have far superior brainpower than an adult does? Children have playful minds. A playful mind exhibits superior memory power. Engage in some of the activities that require your mind to remain active and playful.

* Play scrabble or crossword puzzle
* Volunteer
* Interact with others
* Start a new hobby such as blogging, reading, painting, bird watching
* Learn new skill or a foreign language

Practice Yoga or Meditation
Yoga or Meditation relives stress. Stress is a known memory buster. With less stress, lower blood pressure, slower respiration, slower metabolism, and released muscle tension follows. All of these factors contribute significantly towards increases in our brainpower.

Reduce Sugar intake
Sugar is a non-food. It’s a form of carbohydrate that offers illusionary energy, only to cause a downhill slump once the initial burst has been worn off. Excess intake of sugar results in neurotic symptoms. Excess sugar is known to cause claustrophobia, memory loss and other neurotic disorders. Eat food without adding sugar. Stay away from sweet drinks or excess consumption of caffeine with sugar.

Eat whole wheat

The whole wheat germs contain lecithin. Lecithin helps ease the problem of the hardening of the arteries, which often impairs brain functioning.

Eat a light meal at night
A heavy meal at night causes tossing and turning and a prolonged emotional stress while at sleep. It’s wise to eat heavy meal during the day when our body is in motion to consume the heavy in-take. Eating a light meal with some fruits allows us to sleep well. A good night sleep strengthens our brainpower.

Develop imagination
Greeks mastered the principle of imagination and association to memorize everything. This technique requires one to develop a vivid and colorful imagination that can be linked to a known object. If you involve all your senses - touching, feeling, smelling, hearing and seeing in the imagination process, you can remember greater details of the event.

Control your temper
Bleached food, excess of starch or excess of white bread can lead to nerve grating effect. This results in a violent and some time depressive behavior. Eat fresh vegetables. Drink lots of water and meditate or practice yoga to relieve these toxic emotions of temper and stressful mood swings.

Take Vitamin B-complex
Vitamin B-complex strengthens memory power. Eat food and vegetables high in Vitamin B-complex. Stay away from the starch food or white bread, which depletes the Vitamin B-complex necessary for a healthy mind.

I don't believe these are that tough. If you find yourself increasing stumped, give a couple of these a try.

Written by Shilpan Patel of Success Soul and cross-posted from Dumb Little Man, a web site that provides tips for life that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

5 cheap ways to go solar

You don't have to cover your roof with expensive solar panels to reap the benefits of the sun. Cheap alternatives are available that will light your home indoors and out — and modestly reduce your electric bill.
By Sonya Stinson, Bankrate.com

Thinking of going solar?

If the price tag of a whole-house photovoltaic, or PV, panel system makes getting off the grid a green dream you can't quite bankroll yet, consider starting smaller when you switch to sun power.

"People are craving solar," says Michael Strong, the Houston-based vice president of Brothers Strong Inc., a remodeling company, and GreenHaus Builders. "There is just a huge amount of interest in it. But for the most part, people have an overinflated sense of how much of that utility bill it's going to cover."

For example, Strong says a "baseline" PV system in Texas would cost $25,000 to $35,000, depending on the installation costs and the location and orientation of the house, and it would generate about three kilowatts of electricity.

"In a very well-built 3,000-square-foot home, let's say, that type of power capacity will produce anywhere from 10 (percent) to 20 percent of their electricity," Strong says.

In light of that reality check, here are five less ambitious — and much more modestly priced — solar power devices to try.

1. Tubular skylights

Tubular skylights — also known as solar tubes and tubular daylighting devices — are ideal for lighting small spaces. They typically come in 10- and 12-inch diameter models, with prices ranging from about $150 to more than $600, according to the National Association of Home Builders' ToolBase Services site.

Tubular skylights must be installed in areas that get several hours of direct sunlight per day. Installation is a fairly clear-cut DIY project, unless your home has a metal or tiled roof, making cutting the hole a trickier prospect that may require calling in the pros.

A light collector is mounted on the roof, allowing sunlight to pass through a reflective tube into a diffuser lens that is mounted on the ceiling. Unlike conventional skylights, tubular skylights don't require additional framing, and they look like regular light fixtures from the inside.

Three years ago, John Avenson installed three tubular skylights in a Westminster, Colo., house already outfitted with PV panels. He put one in the "deep end" of his home office that had no windows, one as a replacement for an old bathroom light and fan fixture, and one to swap out a ceiling fixture in the hallway near his bedroom. Adding a few optional features and using the manufacturer's buy-two-get-one-free deal, he estimates he spent about $1,500 for the whole package.

2. Solar outdoor lights
For another inexpensive path to solar, how about using sun power to light up your garden at night or make your entryways more secure? You can find solar path lights for less than $10 apiece. Accent lights, such as hanging lanterns and post lights, start at less than $100 each. Solar floodlight kits start at around $20.

"Rather than having to hire an electrician and, in some cases, do major construction to dig a trench and lay electrical wires down ... you can avoid those significant installation costs by just powering your lights from the sun," says Neal Lurie, marketing director for the American Solar Energy Society.

Before you buy, make sure that what you are getting can actually illuminate the landscape the way you want. Last November, George Van Dyke installed solar landscape lights and solar floodlights around his new home in Towson, Md., with mixed results.

"The landscaping lights are a bit tricky in that they can collect water easily on the lighting surface," Van Dyke says.

He discovered that the lights had to be pointed downward or sideways in order to avoid this problem, which was a bit disappointing because he had wanted to use them as up lights.

On the other hand, he loves the floodlights. "I have even gone so far as to suggest them to certain clients that have taken an interest in alternative energy products for their homes," says Van Dyke, who has a financial consulting business.

3. Unglazed solar pool collectors
If your swimming pool is for warm-weather use only, you can take advantage of these inexpensive heaters that later roll up like beach mats for winter storage. Here's how they work: Thin panels made of heavy-duty rubber or plastic absorb the sun's heat, while the pool's existing pump circulates water through these collectors and back into the pool. The panels can be set up on the ground, on the roof or in a rack.

Leah Ingram of New Hope, Pa., who writes about her family's adventures in green living and other cost-saving practices in her blog, "The Lean Green Family," says she and her husband, Bill Behre, paid less than $400 for a kit to heat their pool.

"It's helped us to keep our pool at about 80 degrees despite some 65-degree nights, and to have a heated pool without paying for extra electricity in the process," Ingram says.

A recent Internet search turned up a $480 kit containing two 2-foot-by-20-foot panels and a set of valves for turning the system on and off. Another vendor sells a similar kit for about $280.

These products are different than the solar pool heaters that use glazed sunlight collectors, which can be more complicated and expensive to install. According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy consumer guide, unglazed collector panels are adequate for pools that will be used only when temperatures are above freezing. Glazed collectors, which have a glass covering, are more efficient in cold weather.

4. Solar-powered attic fans
With prices ranging from about $300 to $700, solar attic fans ventilate attics and help keep them cooler. Depending on the size of your attic, you may need more than one fan to get the cooling effect.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, these devices use a 10- to 20-watt solar panel to power a direct-current motor. The fans are installed with intake vents that are usually mounted near the ridge of the roof. As with tubular skylights, the panels for solar attic fans panels must be installed in an area that receives direct sunlight.

If you are handy with tools and unafraid of heights, you can install one yourself. Otherwise, call in a roofing contractor for the job. One major caveat: Make sure that the space between your home's conditioned space and the attic is properly sealed and that there is enough intake air flowing through the attic itself. You want to avoid any potential problems with moisture in the attic or backdrafting, which is when the exhaust fan blows fumes from fuel-burning appliances back into your living space.

Strong has been using solar-powered vent fans in his clients' building and remodeling projects for about four years.

"What they like about them is that they have been maintenance-free," he says.

The energy savings are hard to pinpoint. "Most homes today are not calibrated, and they don't have the electrical dashboards to be able to tell how much (the fans) are actually saving them," Strong says.

Home energy experts say you'll get the best results when you combine installing a solar attic fan with beefing up the insulation in your attic.

5. Solar-powered chargers
You're going off on a long wilderness hike to become one with nature, but you figure you'd better take along a working cell phone to stay connected to civilization. Strap on a solar backpack, embedded with light-collecting panels that convert sunlight into energy for recharging the phone's batteries, and you're good to go.

Solar battery chargers, also available as hand-held portable devices, foldable panels and stationary units, can be used to charge all kinds of small electronic devices including laptops, digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players and CD players. Some will even power up the batteries in your car, boat or lawn mower. There are multipurpose chargers as well as those designed for specific types of products and specific brands.

Some of the latest models give the option of either storing the power in an internal on-board battery for later use or charging your gizmo directly from the sun.

Prices vary greatly according to the manufacturer, usage, style and power capacity. You might spend less than $20 for a 1.8-watt vehicle battery charger, $35 for a multi-use charger that produces up to 2 watts of power and more than $200 for a solar backpack that produces enough electricity for a laptop.

Trying out relatively inexpensive solar products like these is a good way for consumers to become comfortable with the technology, Strong says, until "they get ready to pull the trigger on that solar PV" when it becomes more affordable.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Womens Designer Perfume by Britney Spears

I know I'm going to get into a lot of trouble for blogging this, but what the ****

Today a colleague at work walked into the office with a smell of Creamy Musk blended with Enchanted Orris Root. It drew me closer and had me asking questions. I then found out that she was wearing "Fantasy". hmmmm.

With a little help from google I figured out all I need to know about this FANTASY. Immediately after my blogging instinct kicks in and this is what happened after.
Fantasy is a perfume by Britney Spears. I know what ya'll think about her, but believe me this perfume is something else.

It's that knda perfume you buy for your girl when you don't know how to break up with her. so what do you do?
1. get a private detective
2. hook her up with a 3.30z of Britney Spears "Fantasy"
3. wait a coupe of days, if you dont get to sign those papers taking everything you want, increase the dose.

Product Description
A playful tease with a delicious trail of temptation, laced with yummy Cupcake Accord, Jasmine Petals, and sexy White Chocolate Orchid. As the story ends a spell is cast with a surprising finish of Creamy Musk, Enchanted Orris Root, and Sensual Woods.
It also comes in another form called "Midnight Fantasy"

Hope You Enjoy it on your Girl/Lady/Woman/Wife/etc
Dont forget to stay away when it's someone elses girl

Thursday, October 2, 2008

IDM like Download Manager for Ubuntu (wxDownlad Fast)

There are plenty of them! Just have a look in Synaptic.
Freeloader, d4x, jigdo, kget, gwget, aso.

If you are running firefox you can try a really nice download manager that is also an add-on called DownThemAll. It can be found at:

Apparently, my prayers got answered when I found a program (wxDownloadFast) that uses multi-threading:
Download the hardy heron version safely from here

Also the getdeb.net site has a copy (FIESTY n GUSTY):

I have downloaded the program and it seems it does what it says in the multi-threading department. And it is "fast". And apparently you can also specify extra web sources for the same file to increase the downloading speed.

I’ve read issues online with the fiesty package, but the edgy package form their site seem to work fine.
link to package working for me in gutsy

To be able to use wxDownloadFast as the default download manager and integrate wxDownloadFast into firefox u need to install flashgot for firefox, this can be done through firefox add-ons.
- Restart firefox, and then go to Tools -> Flashgot -> More options. Here click on GENERAL tab and then select wxDownloadFast as your download manager.
- Then go to DOWNLOADS tab and check “auto start downloads”, also check “intercept all downloads”. Ok your changes and check to see if all your downloads form firefox are sent to wxDownloadFast


1. Boot the Desktop/Live CD.

2. Open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal)

3. Start grub as root with the following command :


sudo grub

4. You will get a grub prompt (see below) which we will use to find the root partition and install grub to the MBR (hd0,0)


[ Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported. For
the first word, TAB lists possible command
completions. Anywhere else TAB lists the possible
completions of a device/filename. ]


(to get the correct location/partition of your windows installation Type the following and press enter :

find /boot/grub/stage1

Using this information, set the root device:

grub> root (hd0,1)

Install Grub:

grub> setup (hd0)

Exit Grub:

grub> quit

5. Reboot (to hard drive). Grub should be installed and both Ubuntu and Windows should have been automatically detected.

6. If, after installing grub, Windows will not boot you may need to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst (That is a small "L" and not the number 1 in menu.lst)

* Open a terminal and enter :

gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Or, in Kubuntu:

kdesu kate /boot/grub/menu.lst

Your Windows stanza should look something like this :

title Windows XP/Vista # You can use any title you wish, this will appear on your grub boot menu
rootnoverify (hd0,0) #(hd0,0) will be most common, you may need to adjust accordingly
chainloader +1

Note: Put your Windows stanza before or after AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST in the menu.lst

Monday, September 29, 2008

8 extreme ways to save some scratch

From reusing sandwich bags to moving back in with the parents, consumers can get quite creative when times are tight.

With food inflation up more than 8% for the year and gas close to $4 a gallon, some consumers are going to extreme measures to stay within their budgets.

Though some ideas might sound crazy -- car-engine fried eggs, anyone? -- others contain clever solutions to the everyday challenges of stretching a dollar. Here are eight of the best extreme-saving techniques, culled from some of the top minds on the Web:

Turn your car off -- while it's moving
Though AAA warns against this technique, some bloggers promote it as a way of saving gas. By using the car's momentum to glide into parking spaces or move downhill, you can get where you're trying to go with less fuel. Just make sure you practice driving without power steering and power brakes in an open space before experimenting near other cars -- or people. And never try this at high speeds; it's too dangerous.

Savings: You can shave a few dollars off your gas bill each month.

Reuse plastic sandwich bags
Sandwich bags can be easily rinsed out and dried, and used again the next day. As long as the bags don't touch raw meat, it's a hygienic and environmentally friendly way to save.

Savings: With a pack of 100 bags going for around $3, a family of four can save about $30 a year.

Stop saving money
All personal-finance experts harp on the need to create an emergency fund and funnel away money for retirement, but sometimes saving just isn't possible. In fact, it may make sense to forget about one or all of your savings accounts in order to meet your other responsibilities while avoiding credit card debt.

If you suddenly have an added expense, such as a new child (see "Raising your $290,000 baby"), then 401(k) contributions may need to go on hold.

Make your own cleaning supplies
Martha Stewart has long recommended vinegar and lemons as kitchen cleaners. To absorb unpleasant smells, leave vinegar in a shallow bowl on a kitchen counter. To deodorize a garbage disposal, squeeze lemon juice down it.

Savings: up to $10 a month on cleaning supplies.

Stop drinking soda (or another beverage of choice)
Tricia at Blogging Away Debt recently tried giving up soda as a way of cutting back on grocery costs. She estimates that if both she and her husband are successful in quitting fizzy drinks, they'll save about $50 a month. Going cold turkey with other drinks, from lattes to bottled water, can produce similar effects.

Savings: If you're used to two or three sodas a day, the change could save you $30 or more a month.

Move back home with your parents, at any age
When writer Nan Mooney became a single mom in her 30s, she moved in with her parents, who also provide some child care. The arrangement allows her to afford motherhood, she says. Other grown kids say they also enjoy the arrangement, even if it means giving up some privacy. Parents can benefit, too -- they get free pet sitters and help reducing their own costs.

Savings: up to $3,000 a month in avoided housing costs.

Get rid of your carpet
The blogger at Clever Dude points out that having and caring for a carpet requires regular shampooing and steaming, electricity to vacuum, and even medical costs from embedded allergens such as pet dander and molds.

Savings: around $200 a year.

Hold a no-spend month
That's what Rachel at the Small Notebook blog did. Her family of three made it a goal to live on $250 or less for the month. That included gas, entertainment, food and other everyday expenses. She says it helped make her more aware of the unnecessary items she had been buying.

Savings: as much as $1,000 a month, depending on your spending habits.

This story was reported and written by Kimberly Palmer for U.S. News & World Report.

More from MSN Money and U.S. News
More extreme-savings tips
4 easy ways to be a 'freegan'
Why is it so easy to throw things away?
Smart money-saving ideas
Save money by giving up grooming and underwear
How to live the simple life

Friday, September 26, 2008

How to Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

Foxmarks is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It lets you view and manage your browser bookmarks through multiple computers and access them online from any remote computer. Foxmarks is recommended by Firefox and is easy to install and configure.

If you use Firefox on more than one computer, you’ll want Foxmarks. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. You can also log in to Foxmarks site to manage your bookmarks from any computer.

Download Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
and follow the easy installation process in firefox!!

When you install this extension, it automatically starts the wizard and asks you to create a new account or login to an existing account. If you already have an account and want to use your bookmarks on a new machine, then just login to your account and it’ll synchronize all your bookmarks.

If you are using Foxmarks for first time, then create a new account and it’ll synchronize your bookmarks and will store them on its server so that you can use them on other machines.

You can also set Foxmarks to store your bookmarks on your own ftp site.

Its totally safe extension and works like a charm. You don’t need to worry about firefox crash, loosing bookmarks, etc.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turn Your Ubuntu 8.04 to Look Just Like Mac OSX Leopard

You can’t really turn a Linux system to a Mac, but you definitely can make your Ubuntu Hardy looks like a Mac OSX Leopard.

Before we start…

First, create a folder in your Home and name it Mac_files. Download the following files to the Mac_files folder.

* Modified Mac4Lin theme
* Mac4Lin icon set
* Mac4Lin wallpaper
* Avant Windows Manager elegant glass theme

Using Archive manager, extract the three Mac4Lin zip files Modified Mac4Lin theme and Mac4Lin wallpaper to the Mac_files folder.

Apply Mac OSX Leopard Theme

Go to System->Preferences->Appearance.

Select Install and select the Mac4Lin GTK theme (/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/GTK Metacity Theme/Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4.tar.gz).

Next, click Install again and select the Mac4Lin icon theme. (/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_Icons_Part2_v0.4.tar.gz /home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_Icons_modified.tar.gz). When prompted, select “Apply new themes“.

Click Install again and select the Mac4Lin mouse cursor theme. (/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/GTK Cursor Theme/Mac4Lin_Cursors_v0.4.tar.gz). Select “Apply new themes” when prompted.

Click ‘customize’ and choose Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4. Go to the “Window border” tab, choose Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4. Click Close.

On the top, go to the Background tab. Click Add and select the Leopard wallpaper. (/home/username/Mac_files/Wallpapers/Leopard.jpg). Click Close to terminate the Appearance window

Install the Dock (Avant Window Navigator)

Open a terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and type

gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

and add the following lines to the end of the file:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/awn-testing/ubuntu hardy main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/awn-testing/ubuntu hardy main

Save and close the file. In your terminal, type

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-trunk awn-manager-trunk awn-extras-applets-trunk

Go to System->Preferences->AWN manager. On the left, click on the Theme. On the right, click Add and navigate to the Mac_files folder. Select the Elegant_glass.tgz file. Check the bullet beside the Elegant glass theme and click Apply.

Next on the left, click on the Applet icon. On the right, scroll down to the stack Applet. Highlight it, then click Activate. This will add the Mac Leopard stack to your dock.

Before you launch the AWN, remove the bottom panel from the desktop first. Right click on the bottom panel and select “delete this panel”. Open AWN via Applications->Accessories->Avant Window Navigator. Once it is activated, you can simply drag and drop the applications into the dock.

Install OSX Fonts

Open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

This will Install the Microsoft core fonts.

Next, copy the OSX fonts to the fonts folder

cd /usr/share/fonts
sudo tar xvzf /home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/Fonts/OSX_Fonts.tar.gz

Configure the fonts:

sudo tar xvjpf /home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/Fonts/fontconfig.tbz -C /etc/fonts

Open the Appearance window (System->Preferences->Appearance) and select Fonts tab. Select the following fonts according to the image below. Click Close.

Change the traffic light window control to the left

In the terminal, type


This will bring up the gconf-editor window. Scroll down to App->Metacity->general. On the right, double click on the button_layout and change the content to ‘close,minimize,maximize:menu’ (without the quote). Click Ok and close the gconf-editor.

Change the menubar

Remove all the icon and applications on the left side of the top panel. Right-click on the icon and select ‘Remove from panel‘. You will left with something like this:

On the right of the top panel, remove the logout icon. Still on the right hand side of the top panel, right click and select ‘Add to panel‘. Scroll down the list and add ‘Search for files‘. This will add the spotlight icon to the panel.

On the extreme left, right-click and select ‘Add to panel‘. Scroll down the list and add ‘Main Menu‘. This will add the apple icon on the left. You can now log out and shut down from the Apple dropdown menu (same as Mac OSX).

Next, we are going to install globalmenu so as to display the menubar for each application. In your terminal,

cd Mac_files
wget http://gnome2-globalmenu.googlecode.com/files/gnome-globalmenu-0.4-svn964.tar.gz
tar zxvf gnome-globalmenu-0.4-svn964.tar.gz
cd globalmenu
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

If you have any errors when installing the package, try

sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite *.deb

If you are having some installation problems with the gnome-globalmenu-applet, try

sudo apt-get install -f

Once finished, right click on the top panel and select ‘Add to panel‘. Scroll down the list and add ‘Global Menu Applet‘.

You might not see anything initially. Log out and log in again, you should now see the menubar for each application showing on the panel.

If your globalmenu is of a different shade of grey from the rest of the panel (as shown in the image below), right click on any empty space on the panel and select ‘Properties‘. Go to Background tab and select ‘Background image’. Under the selection, go to /home/username/.themes/Mac4Lin_GTK_v0.4/gtk-2.0/Panel and select panel-bg.png. Click OK. (Updated: If you can’t find the .themes folder, right-click and select ‘show hidden files‘.)

Drag the globalmenu to the left just beside the Apple icon. Right click on the globalmenu and select ‘Preferences’. Tick the box beside ‘Display the title of the current application‘ and put maximum width 100. Select the font to be Lucida Grande Bold. Click Apply and OK. You should now have a desktop that resemble Mac Leopard.


Configuring the Login screen

Click on the Apple icon, go to System->Administration->Login Window. On the Local tab, click Add. Navigate to the path /filesystem/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/GDM Theme and select the file Mac4Lin_GDM_v0.4.tar.gz. Check the box beside the newly installed theme to activate it.

Underneath, there is a color selection field, select it and key in the number E5E5E5 into the color code field.

Click Ok. Log out. You should see the new login screen

Configure usplash screen

usplash is the screen that you see when your computer is booting up. We are going to change it to show the white apple screen. In your terminal,

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

Go to System->Administration->Start-Up Manager Go to Appearance tab. Click on the ‘Manage bootloader theme‘. Click Add and navigate to the file /filesystem/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/GRUB Splash/appleblack.xpm.gz. Check the box “Use background image for bootloader menu” and select ‘appleblack”.

Next, click “Manage usplash theme”. Click Add and add the file /filesystem/home/username/Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v0.4/USplash Theme/osx-splash.so. Click OK. Select OSX-splash from the dropdown box.

Now reboot.

Creating Dashboard effect

We will use a combination of screenlets and Compiz widget plugin to achieve the dashboard effect.

Install Screenlets

sudo apt-get install screenlets compizconfig-settings-manager

Go to System->Preferences->Advanced Desktop Effect Setting. On the Left, click on Desktop. On the right, put a check beside ‘Widget layer’

Go to Accessories->Screenlets. Activate the widgets that you want to display. Right click on the widget and select ‘Properties’. Go to Options tab and select ‘Treat as widget’. Do this for all the widgets that you have activated.

You can now see your dashboard in action by pressing F9.

Done. You have completed the transformation of your Ubuntu desktop to Mac OSX Leopard.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

15 Must-Have Firefox Downloads

Improve your experience with Firefox using these terrific add-ons that make many routine tasks easier and increase the browser's power many times over.


Monday, September 15, 2008

five foods that can be good for your skin and body

Feed your face! Eat and then slather it on

Certain foods have powerhouse ingredients that keep skin supple and smooth and help fight age-related damage. Wondering what to eat and what to smooth on? Health magazine found five skin-saving foods to help both ways. (Be sure to do a skin-patch test first, and wait 24 hours to see if you have an allergic reaction.)

Strawberries smoothie mask
Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C per serving than oranges or grapefruit. Research shows that people who eat foods rich in vitamin C have fewer wrinkles (vitamin C helps fight free radicals, which break down collagen, leading to those dreaded lines) and less age-related dry skin. Apply a mask once or twice a week, and eat C-rich foods daily.

1 cup of frozen or fresh strawberries (you can also substitute in raspberries and/or blueberries — they’re loaded with antioxidants)
1 cup of vanilla or plain yogurt
1 1/2 tablespoons of honey (a great moisturizer)

Enjoy your smoothie, then apply the remaining smoothie to your face over a sink (it’s a little drippy at first), and leave it on for about 8 minutes before rinsing.

Easy green tea eye treatment
Curling up to a cup of green tea does a lot more than relax you. Green tea is filled with inflammation-fighting antioxidants. What’s more, research shows that drinking green tea may reduce your risk of skin cancer. (And when you add a generous squeeze of citrus juice-like lemon, lime, or orange — the tea’s antioxidants get a boost of staying power).

Chill any leftover damp tea bags in the fridge for an hour and then put them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

Sip at least three big mugs of green tea every day for an antioxidant boost. Green tea contains tannins, which can help reduce puffiness when applied to skin.

Pumpkin pudding facial
Pumpkin’s orange hue is from carotenoids, wrinkle-fighting plant pigments that help neutralize free radicals in the skin. Pumpkin is filled with vitamins C, E, and A, as well as powerful enzymes that help to cleanse the skin. Although the seeds make a great fiber-filled snack, you get the skin-saving antioxidants from the pulp. Eat and apply the facial once a week.

In a food processor or blender combine:
2 cups canned pumpkin
4 tablespoons low-fat vanilla yogurt
4 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
Coat face; leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse.

(To make a sweeter pudding add: 2 tablespoons 1/3 less fat cream cheese and ½ teaspoon vanilla extract.)


Sunday, July 27, 2008

System icons may not appear in the notification area on a Windows Vista-based computer

System icons may not appear in the notification area on a Windows Vista-based computer until you restart the computer

When you first start a computer that is running Windows Vista, one or more of the Network, Volume, and Power icons may not appear in the notification area at the bottom of the screen. You may also notice that the check boxes for the related system icons are not selected on the Notification Area tab of the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog box. However, the network, volume, and power features function correctly even though their associated icons do not appear in the notification area. You can access these features by using Control Panel.

When the system or an application wants to put an icon in the notification area, the system or the application sends a discrete communication message to the operating system "shell." If the operating system is very busy, that message may expire, or may time out. When this time-out occurs, the icon does not appear in the notification area. This issue typically occurs during the first system startup. During the first startup, the system is very busy processing many startup, application, and service initializations.

Note These startup service initializations may take from one to six hours to finish, depending on which applications are preloaded on the computer. For example, the initialization time varies depending on the number of startup applications or services that a customer has ordered or that the computer manufacturer has added to the computer.

When you first start a new computer, the operating system typically runs a "customer welcome" sequence. This sequence is also known as the "out-of-the-box experience" (OOBE). The operating system runs the sequence and also starts other applications and services for the first time. Give the operating system enough time to finish these startup service initializations before you shut down or you restart the computer. This issue will typically not reoccur after the operating system has finished initializing all the background services, becomes less busy, and then has been restarted.

Note You can determine whether these service initializations are finished by observing the hard disk drive light activity (if your computer has this feature). If the hard disk drive light blinks intermittently instead of being solidly lit, these service initializations might be finished. You can also check CPU usage on the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager. If CPU usage is less than 15 percent, the service initializations might be completed, and you can shut down or restart the computer.

How to make the icons reappear
Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall the operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.

If you have tried the restart workaround that is listed earlier in this article for this issue and one or more of the system icons still do not appear in the notification area after the restart, you can try the following registry modification workaround.

Note You may have to reapply this workaround after you restart the computer if the icons still do not appear in the notification area.

You can make the icons reappear by deleting two subkeys from the registry. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Click Start Start button, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.

User Access Control permission If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow.
2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify
3. In the Details pane, click the IconStreams registry entry.
4. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click Yes.
5. In the Details pane, click the PastIconsStream registry entry.
6. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click Yes.
7. Exit Registry Editor.
8. Restart the Explorer.exe process. To do these, follow these steps:
b. On the Processes tab in Windows Task Manager, click the explorer.exe process, and then click End Process two times.
c. On the File menu, click New Tasks (Run), type explorer, and then click OK.
d. Exit Windows Task Manager.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

7 Cool Careers You've Never Heard Of

The downhill direction of the economy has us all thinking about ways we can protect our livelihood. Why not start by getting creative? Consider some little-known career paths that will ensure that you stay competitive and look forward to going to work every morning. Here are seven cool jobs to consider today:

Computational linguist
Computational linguists teach computer systems how to process natural language. For example, if you're trying to order a book from Amazon in Japanese, the site will be able to recommend other relevant similar titles for you. Enter the field with a bachelor's degree in computer science and start with a salary in the high five figures.

How to break in: Meet valuable contacts by getting involved with the Linguistics Society of America (http://www.lsadc.org/) and the Association of Computational Linguistics (http://www.aclweb.org/).

Conservationists work with the government, industry associations and landowners to come up with methods for combating damage and for using land without injuring the environment. They generally hold a bachelor's degree in fields such as ecology, agriculture, biology or environmental science.

How to check it out: Gain real-world experience. Volunteer or intern at a government agency or environmental or community organization.

Birth doulas advise on birthing techniques and serve as the mother's advocate during labor. Postpartum doulas assist with emotional and physical recovery from childbirth and teach coping skills to new parents. You don't need a college degree to become a doula, but to be competitive in the field you should be certified by Doulas of North America (http://www.dona.org/). The median fee for a birth doula is $700 per birth.

How to get a jump-start: Get to know established midwives and doulas in your area and ask if you can witness a birth or postpartum counseling session to see if the field's for you.

Using data from the past and present, futurists study how the present will evolve into possible alternative futures and how humans will adapt to the resulting technological, demographic, political, environmental and sociological changes. The majority of jobs require an undergraduate degree in a liberal arts or business discipline, and consulting futurists for companies and governments often command a six-figure salary within a few years.

How to penetrate the field: Check out the World Future Society's (http://www.wfs.org/) directory of consulting futurists and do informational interviews with firms located in your area.

Image consultant
Image consultants advise people with discretionary income how to make positive impressions -- through appearance, wardrobe, etiquette and communication skills -- in order to get ahead in their careers and social lives, and boost their self-confidence. You don't need a college degree, but organizations such as the Training Institute School for Image Consultants (http://www.newyorkimageconsultant.com/) in New York City offer course work in color analysis, wardrobe and style analysis, and personal shopping.

Want to make this your dream job? Join the Association of Image Consultants International (http://www.aici.org/) and see if you can work as an apprentice to someone who has already established herself in the field.

Life coach
Coaches love talking to people, figuring out what makes them tick and developing plans to help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. They meet with clients in person or over the phone on a regular basis and listen to challenges, set goals and monitor progress. While anyone can call himself a life coach regardless of education, it's best to be certified by the International Coaching Federation (www.coachfederation.com/ICF).

How to get moving: Hire your own life coach so that you can gain an in-depth understanding of the coach-client relationship.

Professional organizer
Organizers provide personal assistance, planning and products to help people de-clutter their homes and offices. While the National Association of Professional Organizers (http://www.napo.net/) does offer a certification program involving a mix of paid work hours and course work, most organizers agree that formal education isn't necessary. The average organizer is paid $50 per hour, with individual projects taking a full day or even several days.

How to get your foot in the door: Offer to help your disorganized friends and family members for free so that you can create some initial written success stories and be able to showcase "before and after" photos on your marketing materials.

Read more HERE!!

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Lil Wayne - A Milli Freestyles & Remixes..

* There is a version of "A Milli" made for radio, which was released on The Drought Is Over 5.
* There is a version of "A Milli" which features Cory Gunz, which was the first version that leaked.
* There is a version that is called "A Milli (Young Money Remix)" which was supposed to be featured on Tha Carter III as a bonus track, but didn't make the cut, it was suppose to feature Tyga, Cory Gunz, Hurricane Chris, Lil Mama, & Lil Chuckie. This has not been released.

* Freestyle by Cassidy
* Freestyle by Jay-Z, titled "A Billie"
* Freestyle by Red Cafe
* Freestyle by The Game
* Freestyle by Cory Gunz & Jadakiss
* Freestyle by Fabolous
* Freestyle by Chris Brown
* Freestyle by Lil Mama
* Freestyle by Jibbs
* Freestyle by Drake (Toronto)
* Freestyle by Cyssero (Philly - Former BWS)
* Freestyle by Mims
* Freestyle by Gillie Da Kid, Bump J, Meek Mills, & Peedi Peedi
* Freestyle by Papoose
* Freestyle by Killa Kyleon
* Freestyle by Tyga
* Freestyle by The Pack
* Freestyle by Pitbull
* Freestyle by Reed Dollaz
* Freestyle by Los (from Bad Boy Records)
* Freestyle by Iceberg (from Cash Money Records)
* Freestyle by Willy Northpole (from Disturbing tha Peace)
* Freestyle by Uncle Murda (Fabolous Diss)
* Freestyle by Will Smith
* Freestyle by LL Cool J
* Freestyle by Charles Hamilton
* Freestyle by Chip Tha Ripper (Cleveland)
* Freestyle by Montega
* Freestyle by Juice (BWS)
* Freestyle by K Dot (Compton, CA)
* Freestyle by Rock City (Konvict Music)
* Freestyle by Lil' Chuckee
* Freestyle by

* Freestyle by Rukas called 9 millie
* Freestyle by Curren$y & JD Era
* Freestyle by Magnus

Friday, July 11, 2008

Types of Hard Drives

Today, I’m here to talk to you about hard drives. Hard drives can be messy; I mean you got cables, cables, different kinds of cables, power cables, different types of cables, and then the hard drives themselves. They have different connectors; there are different kinds. This is called serial ATA, this is IDE and I’m here today to help you understand why they are important and why you should change them and how to do it. So right here I have two different kinds of hard drives as you can notice they got different pin arrangements; they got different connectors. This one has an old school different connector and this is the newer kind. The top hard drive is a serial ATA. Most computers today come equipped with a serial ATA and most of the older machines and still some of the newer machines have this IDE connector.

Check out more Video Tutorials HERE!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Avoid brain drain with memory-boosting foods

Improve your mental health with common fruits, vegetables — even coffee

Every cell in your body needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients in order to stay alive and work properly, including brain cells. Because oxygen and nutrients are carried in the blood stream, anything that impedes blood flow will starve those all-important brain cells. The plain truth is that a healthy heart makes for a healthy brain. So keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check, exercise regularly, don’t smoke and get at least seven hours of sleep each night.

Compelling research also indicates that certain foods and nutrients can help enhance your memory. Read the facts on fish, berries, leafy greens and coffee — and be sure you remember to incorporate them into your diet.

Fish (3 servings per week)
Research suggests that when it comes to food and memory, fish plays a starring role. Specifically fatty fish like salmon and sardines, thanks to the ample amounts of omega 3 fats they provide. In fact, a study published in the Archives of Neurology in November 2006 found people with the highest levels of omega 3 fats were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with dementia, compared to people with the lowest levels.

Another earlier study conducted by researchers at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago followed more than 3,000 men and women for six years to see how diet affected memory. People who ate fish at least once a week had a 10 percent slower decline compared with those who did not eat fish, a difference that gave them the memory and thinking ability of a person three years younger.

Fatty fish is concentrated in the most potent form of omega 3 fats (EPA and DHA), so go out of your way to incorporate three to five ounces portions at least three times each week.

Best fish to eat (low in contaminants AND high in omega 3 fats): Wild salmon, sardines, lake trout, pacific oysters, and Atlantic mackerel. If that’s not feasible, you can buy fish oil supplements or at the very least incorporate plant based sources of omega 3 fats (significantly less potent than fish): ground flaxseeds, omega-3 fortified eggs and walnuts.

Berries (one cup a day)
Studies that focus on food and memory suggest that the more overall produce you eat, the better. But when it comes to fruit and your memory, berries rate number one! Berries have some of the highest antioxidant concentrations among fruit, and ALL berries are rich in healthy compounds called anthocyanins and flavanols… which may help protect against the breakdown of brain cells.

Plus these days, it seems you can’t say enough about the health benefits of blue-berries. What makes them so powerful? Their deep blue hue — caused by flavonoids — those natural compounds that protect the brain’s memory-carrying cells (neurons) from the negative effects of oxidation and inflammation. Blueberries are one of the best sources of flavonoids around, and encouraging animal studies suggest that diets rich in flavonoids may help reverse memory loss in humans. In fact, a new British study, published just last month, reveals eating plenty of blueberries can enhance spatial memory and learning.

Buy firm-fleshed berries from a farmer’s market, local supermarket, or health food store. For off season months, take advantage of frozen, unsweetened varieties. Berries taste great mixed into plain yogurt, as a topping for hot or cold cereal or right out of the bowl.

story continues HERE!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

HP exec cuts birthday cake with MacBook Air

My friend over at PhoneTag, James Siminoff, thought it would be funny to hand over a Macbook Air as a "gift" after I blew out the candle on a birthday cake. I immediately used it to cut the cake, it's so damn sharp it did a fine job. People thought it was funny enough to blog. So before this thing spreads, I thought I'd explain myself: It was a combination of some fantastic wine, constant ribbing from my friends, and a hand rolled cigar that did this.

As I see the Mac fans are coming out in droves, much respect... and um... it was a joke - I guess you had to be there ;) I assure you no Macs were harmed in the taking of this photo.

...and for those of you who keep emailing me to send you the Mac, it's not really mine, it's my friend who was hosting the party. They are constantly ribbing me about the Mac vs PC debate and thus the reason I was presented with the Mac as a "gift" -- get it? Now smile a little, it helps the day go by.

Ahh well, I wouldn't be needing this notebook for long anyways... :) Stay tuned for more...

Speedtest - How Fast are You.

So You Think You Can Type Fast Huh!!
Come Prove It HERE!!!

Here you can test how fast you are. Just type in the words. Are you faster than all the others? A nice side effect: these are the most used english words. Every time you try to beat the score, you improve your typing speed :)

Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days

I have some great news for your abs: The ultimate piece of belly-flab-busting equipment is a $30 stability ball. When researchers at California State University, Sacramento, hooked up electrodes to the midsections of 18 people, they found that ball moves recruited twice the number of muscle fibers as traditional crunches or yoga/Pilates-inspired workouts. Scientists credit the ball's instability with doubling the toning power of these moves. To amp up results, we combined ball exercises from the study with high-energy cardio and simple calorie-cutting tips. In 2 weeks, you could lose up to an inch from your waist; in 4 weeks, shed up to 8 pounds or more.

The Experts: Rafael Escamilla, PhD, PT, study author and professor of physical therapy at California State University, Sacramento, and Wayne Westcott, PhD, research director at the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, MA, designed these workouts.

Program at a Glance

Your Workout:


Monday — Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)

Tuesday — Belly Workout, on page 2, (once, 25-30 minutes)

Wednesday — Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)

Thursday — Belly Workout (once, 25-30 minutes)

Friday — Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)

Saturday — Belly Workout (once, 25-30 minutes)

Sunday — Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)


Monday — Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)

Tuesday — Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)

Wednesday — Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)

Thursday — Cardio Routine 2 (35-45 minutes)

Friday — Belly Workout (45-50 minutes)

Saturday — Cardio Routine 1 (45-60 minutes)

Sunday — Belly Workout (twice, 45-50 minutes)

Your Eating Plan:

How it works: Our Eat for a Slim Belly plan relies on simple food swaps to cut about 500 calories from your diet daily. Our recommendations also boost your intake of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) and whole grains — studies show both shrink belly fat faster.

Belly Workout:

Do 12 to 15 reps of each exercise on the next page. Between each exercise, do a cardio burst — 2 minutes of jumping rope, marching or jogging in place, stair climbing or stepping, or doing jumping jacks. Remember to warm up and cool down by marching or stepping side to side in place for 3 to 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your workout.

Cardio Burst: These 2-minute high-energy bouts will double your calorie burn to speed up fat loss and reveal a slimmer belly in less time.

How to Buy a Ball

Most people need a 22-inch (or 55 cm) stability ball. If you're under 5-foot-1, choose an 18-inch (or 45 cm) one, or a 26-inch (or 65 cm) ball if 5-foot-8 or taller. They're available in sporting goods stores (about $30) or online. We like the Gymnic Plus (performbetter.com) because it's made with burst-resistant, latex-free vinyl, and if punctured, it will deflate slowly.

Read more HERE!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jay-Z - American Boy Live (Video)

The God MC Jay-Z was in Cork, Ireland. He performed a remix to Estelle’s ‘American Boy’.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

2008 BET Awards Special

Thursday night the créame of hip hop r&b scene, met at the 2008 BET awards. Lots of awards were presented as every year and several artist came interpreted their latest hits like Usher, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Chris Brown, Kanye West and more, all performances below , enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!

V.I.C - Get Silly (Remix)
Sean Kingston - There's Nothing
Shawty Lo -Dey Know
Hoy Stylz Feat. Yung Joc - Lookin Boy

**Main Show**
Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Got Money, Lollipop & A Milli
T-Pain - Medley
Usher - Love In This Club
Nelly Feat. JD, Ciara & Fergie - Stepped On My J's & Party People
Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair
Chris Brown - With You/Take You Down
Young Jeezy & Kanye West - Put On
Rihanna - Take A Bow
Ne-Yo - Closer
Al Green - Love & Hapiness

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Obama, T-Pain Rule the BET Awards

(LOS ANGELES) — T-Pain and Lil Wayne have owned the music scene over the past year: It seems as if T-Pain's voice has accented half the hits on urban radio, while Lil Wayne, another ubiquitous collaborator, has appeared on the rest.

So it was appropriate that both artists dominated Tuesday's BET Awards with not only their energetic performances but their presence, despite winning just one trophy each.

T-Pain, who led the nominees with five nods for his many collaborations — not his own hits — performed with his fellow nominees twice during the three-hour ceremony. He transformed the Shrine Auditorium into a circus with a multi-artist medley that showed his wide-ranging influence during his first appearance.

Wearing a spangled top hat, the rapper-singer shared the stage with fellow nominees Flo Rida, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Big Boi, along with a bevy of big-top freaks, including fire eaters and acrobats.

"This industry is my circus," said T-Pain. "Ride with the ringleader."

Then T-Pain gave a sample of his musical assists over the past year. Double nominee Flo Rida performed his hit with T-Pain, Low; a bare-chested Ross flaunted his gut while singing his song with T-Pain, Boss; and all joined in on the collaborative I'm So Hood.

He also joined Lil Wayne for the evening's final and much anticipated performance — a show-closing medley of Lil Wayne's hits.

Another name heard frequently throughout the night was that of Barack Obama. Diddy, Alicia Keys and other nominees used their time onstage to urge viewers to vote, and clearly showed their support for the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee, who could become the nation's first black president.

Other highlights from the three-hour ceremony included a girl group reunion; a stirring tribute to the Rev. (and soul legend) Al Green; and topless performance by ripped rapper Nelly.

The night's most memorable moments came in performance form. Keys, who was named best female R&B artist, invited SWV, En Vogue and TLC to join her onstage for a medley of their biggest hits. By the time they closed with TLC's Waterfalls, the crowd was on its feet.

After tributes by John Legend, Jill Scott and Maxwell, Lifetime Achievement Award winner Al Green delivered a smash performance of his own, hitting all the high notes on his hits Let's Stay Together and Love and Happiness, as Diddy, Ludacris and the rest of the awards-show audience sang along.

"I'm sorry I didn't sing as well as I could. I got scared," a modest Green, 62, confessed backstage.

Queen Latifah introduced Humanitarian Award recipient Quincy Jones, calling him "an international artist" and "a leader."

"He showed us black entertainment is more than just a hustle," she said. "It's more than just selling albums. It's about inspiration."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Easy ways to spend less and save more (18 Ways to Beat Inflation)

1. Gas - Conserve Fuel in Any Car

5% of your household budget, up 21% from a year ago

Underinflated tires can cut your mileage per gallon by 5%, says Jesse Toprak of Edmunds.com. Check your tires once a month.

And lose the lead foot: You can save up to 33% by maintaining steadier, slower speeds.

Potential savings: About $800 a year - not to mention what you'll save in speeding tickets.

2. Gas - Take Advantage of Your Credit Card

If you pay in full each month, pick one, like Chase Freedom, that gives cash back on gas.

Forget it if you carry a balance: Rewards cards usually charge higher rates.

Potential savings: Up to $200 a year

3. Gas - Get Rid of the Guzzler

Making your next car a hybrid could triple your mileage per gallon. If gas stays above $3.60, a Toyota Camry hybrid makes up for its premium over the standard model in a year and a half.

Even if you don't go hybrid, choosing the most fuel-efficient vehicle in your car class can still save $200 to $1,500 a year in fuel costs.

Potential savings: $2,400 a year if you trade an SUV for a hybrid

4. Food - Learn Stupid Supermarket Tricks

14% of your household budget
Up 5% from a year ago

Stores use all kinds of marketing ploys to get you to buy more than you ever intended. "The supermarket is set up so that you will buy on impulse," says Marion Nestle, author of "What to Eat." The more you see, the more you purchase.

That's why they make you march all the way to the back to buy milk and they keep the aisles long and unbroken. So bring a list and stick to it, and never shop when hungry or tired, as you'll find it harder to resist temptation.

And search high and low. "The cheapest items are often on the top and bottom shelves, since companies pay for prime space on middle shelves and aisle ends," says Paco Underhill, author of "Why We Buy."

Potential savings: Up to $1,200 from cutting out just half of unplanned purchases

5. Food - Know When to Stock Up

You can get a weekly list of items going on sale at your local store, including sales that aren't advertised, at thegrocerygame.com.

Potential savings: More than $1,000 a year

6. Food - A Little Home Cooking

Putting a homemade meal on the table five to seven nights a week the way your mother did may seem daunting.

In the new age of the Food Network and Williams-Sonoma, lots of moms and dads know how to whip up a mean saffron risotto for a Sunday night but never got the knack for the day-to-day basics.

To bone up on your home ec, check out Mitchell Davis' "Kitchen Sense" and Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything," which are loaded with recipes for quick and simple meals.

If you plan entrées with overlapping ingredients and buy everything for the week at once, you can not only save money but, often, put a dinner together in the time it would take to pick up takeout.

Potential savings: $50 a month

7. Home Energy - Seal Up Your House

4% of your household budget
Up 9% from a year ago

To find air leaks, conduct a home-energy audit following the instructions at energystar.gov or hire a pro to do it for $200 and up.

You can cut up to 25% of your heating and cooling costs by adding insulation and using caulk, spray foam and weatherstripping to seal leaks around windows and doors and in attics and basements.

Potential savings: $1,375 in five years, after materials

8. Home Energy - Get Efficient

Install an Energy Star programmable thermostat for $60 to turn down the heat when you sleep and raise it in the morning. (This makes climbing out of bed easier too.)

Be sure to change the air filter in your heating and cooling system at least every three months.

Potential savings: $220 a year

9. Home Energy - Slay the Vampires

So-called vampire appliances suck electricity even when you aren't using them.

Plug devices with standby power, such as TVs and stereos, into a power strip so you can turn them all off at once. (Some have timers to switch off at night.)

To further cut your electric bill, replace regular bulbs with compact fluorescents.

Potential savings: More than $300 over five years

10. College - Contribute to a 529 Plan Early and Often

1% of your household budget
Up 6% from a year ago

These state-sponsored plans let you exclude your college-savings earnings from federal and state taxes. Says Mark Kantrowitz of FinAid.org: "The long-run return, with the tax savings, typically exceeds the normal 6% to 8% yearly tuition increase."

For calculators to estimate your total costs, as well as details about your state's 529, go to finaid.org and savingforcollege.com. To find out how much a school will cost, use the calculator to the right.

If your local plan charges more than 0.5% a year, consider another state's. (Note that you might lose a state tax deduction on contributions, but this is sometimes worth it.)

Opt for an Illinois or Ohio direct program - both offer investments with low fees and strong management.

Potential savings: About $5,000 in tax savings over 10 years

11. College - Max Out Cheap Federal Aid First

Before applying for any private loans, take out the maximum in federal, typically Stafford, loans. Their fixed rates - 6% to 6.8% - are generally less than private lenders' variable rates.

After you tap out Staffords, federal parent PLUS loans are generally the best deal.

Potential savings: $8,000 on $27,000 in loans in 10 years

12. Medical Costs - Choose Your Deductible Wisely

6% of your household budget
Up 4% from a year ago

If your company gives you a choice, you may be tempted by the lower premium on a high-deductible health plan.

These work for some people, but you face more financial risk if you get sick, and you may have to pay full price for most prescriptions until you meet the deductible.

High-deductible plans are generally best for younger people without health problems; others should stick with traditional plans.

Potential savings: High-deductible plans could save you $750 a year in premiums. But if you get seriously ill, a traditional plan could mean thousands less in bills.

13. Medical Costs - Don't Pay Taxes You Don't Have To

If you have a qualifying high-deductible health plan, make sure to contribute to a health savings account to fund your current and future medical bills.

If you have a traditional plan and your employer offers a flexible spending account, sign up. It lets you use untaxed salary to pay for many out-of-pocket health expenses.

Potential savings: About $280 for every $1,000 set aside

14. Medical Costs - Don't Be Afraid to Haggle

If you go out of network or are in a high-deductible health plan, ask the doctor for a discount.

You can get an idea of reasonable prices at your insurer's website or, for an $8 fee, at healthgrades.com.

One poll says that 60% of patients who negotiate with a doctor succeed. Your best bet: Offer to pay up front in cash.

Potential savings: $85 for a specialist consultation

And don't forget...

A dollar saved is a dollar saved, so you should look to trim any needless cost, even on goods not jumping in price. Here are four easy ways to find extra money you didn't even know you were spending.

15. Ask your credit-card issuer if you can get a lower rate.

16. Don't use all your minutes? Change cell plans.

17. Look at your insurance. You may want to lower the premium for your car insurance, for example, by raising your deductible.

18. If you really aren't going to the gym anymore or those Netflix envelopes sit there unopened, stop putting off the inevitable: Cancel.

Copyrighted, CNNMoney. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 Reasons to Ditch Your Blackberry for the iPhone continues

5. Web
The premier mobile internet browser is Safari on the iPhone, in fact measuring Safari on the iPhone against Blackberry’s Browser just isn’t fair. It is safe to say that the Blackberry’s weakest point has been their web browser.

Many people continue to say that they can’t stand the iPhone’s soft keyboard. Well, I’m of belief that web browsing WITHOUT a touch screen is a worse experience. Scrolling the trackball to find a section of a site you want to look at (mind you, it isn’t readable until you zoom in) and then clicking in to zoom is a painstaking, roundabout process.

4. Consistency
What I don’t miss about Blackberry is the lack of consistency in the settings and options. Some programs could be downloaded OTA (over-the-air) while other applications needed to be imported from your computer. Settings seemed to be here, there, and who knows where. It was too much work trying to get things right.

3. Innovation
I feel that in most aspects, the Blackberry is always a step behind from the competition. Aside from e-mail of course, which they hit the pop culture jackpot with, there are certain features important to me that they’ll always be chasing Apple and other phone makers. That’s how my mindset was when I was using the Blackberry—the programs and applications I used, other phones had better.

A big difference between Apple and RIM is that RIM is rooted in being a phone maker whereas Apple comes from the world of computers. The best phone is probably neither of them, hell it could probably be a Nokia somewhere, but being the best phone doesn’t concern Apple. Apple is reaching for goals that RIM doesn’t seem capable of understanding. Because RIM is trapped in delivering a phone first, they aren’t thinking in a wavelength where innovation in mobility can occur.

Can you imagine RIM (as Bold as they claim to be) pushing voicemail into something users don’t hate? How about utilizing a slick technology like CoverFlow? Multi-touch? The form-factor of Blackberries will change but I’m afraid the OS might become as archaic as Palm. Compounded with the fact that Apple makes the finest ‘real’ OS (UI-wise) in the land, wouldn’t you think they’ll implement as much of it as they can in the iPhone?

2. OS
I just always felt that the Blackberry trapped everything into that little device whereas the iPhone opened it up. Strange I know, considering there aren’t any 3rd party apps for the iPhone. With the Blackberry, I needed to dig to make it work. Using little menu screens with a slow trackball makes little sense compared to flick, tap, touch. With the iPhone you don’t have to learn a new OS, everything that’s in there is at your fingertips.

Maybe RIM’s reliance on third party apps isn’t a good thing for Blackberry. To use the Curve on a Mac you would need MissingSync, BB Smart HTML E-mail Viewer, Opera Mini, a better music player, a better alarm, etc. For me, all those things are must purchases/downloads if you were to commit to a Blackberry. Well with the iPhone, Apple provides better options than those third party apps, standard. (Now, if only I can just buy push e-mail)

1. The Present Future
Honestly, the customizable nature of the Blackberry confused me. I want things clear-cut, show me what I can have and I’ll pick and choose from there. With the Blackberry I had to constantly double check with other users to see if I was using it correctly and if the programs I chose were the best out there.

I’ve realized that in order to take advantage of everything the Blackberry has to offer, you have to be an active user. Meaning you have to constantly peruse the forums and blog sites to know what’s going on in the Blackberry world. Blackberry does a good job of OS updates but keeping all the users in the know is difficult because they don’t have an outlet like iTunes.

With the advantage of iTunes, Apple has the comfort of knowing anyone who uses an iPhone will know when the next update comes and what it will do. Also the syncing capabilities are clear cut, I am certain that my photos, music and calendars are on the iPhone because iTunes has it checked. In the future, the App Store should also help users remain “in the know” about their devices because a simple click from your iPhone could deliver all the new goodies you need (but of course, you shouldn’t live without TiPb!). The simplicity of the whole process makes it hard for me to ever imagine using a non-iPhone.

I have infinitely more faith in the Apple phone revolution than being in RIM’s boat as it happens. Because I know Apple, I know Mac. I know the simplicity of the user experience and I trust them enough to deliver it to my handheld. From my experience with Blackberry, the entrenched veteran is just as far away as the promising rookie, Apple, from delivering the perfect device. So what does that say?

Final Thoughts
I remember my first thought of the Blackberry was “Is this it?”. Looking at the Curve, I realized that the Blackberry was not as powerful a device as I originally imagined. Productivity-wise, it was fine. But the lack of syncing to Mac, the buried settings, the old-looking OS, etc.—it left me wondering where the heck was the ‘crack’?

But the Apple way of doing things isn’t for everybody. Power users would prefer a gadget tailor made to their likings and usage, and that is fair. I just found the active part of being a Blackberry user too tiresome. I wanted a gadget that just did it for me. And the iPhone was that gadget.

Apple and RIM are each other’s antithesis. RIM locks themselves in being great with what is easy (keyboard, push e-mail) and inches toward improving the more difficult (media, web). Apple, on the other hand, does the opposite: innovates the ‘impossible’ but lacks the commonplace features.

There are some things that the Blackberry does really well that the iPhone needs to learn from. But for the most part, it seems like Blackberry doesn’t have innovation in the areas that have room to innovate. Push e-mail won’t get any better that it already is. But the iPhone can get better, and will.