Saturday, March 22, 2008

How to Make Your Regular Headphones Work with Your iPhone

After I gave my original iPhone earphones out to a friend for no special reason and tried out some of my regular headphones at home and failed, I decided to have my brother get me a “3.5mm Headphone jack Stereo Adapter for Apple i-phone ” from eBay.

This morning whilst visiting an uncle I realized that he was able to use his headphones OK! So I asked myself, hmmmmm, what am I doing wrong?

At home I got all my headphones, headphone extenders etc together to see what I could engineer. On plugging in my headphone, I realized that each time I tried to force it in all the way the sound started to play through my headphone. But as soon as I let go the headphone jack is pushed out and the sound stops playing.

Anyone smart enough will definitely think what I was thinking next. Yeah you were right; the rubber thingy around the headphone jack was too big and was blocking the major part of the jack from entering the iPhone.

I just had to chop around that rubber like case a few times and then tried it, walaaa, like seeing Spurs win the finals a 3rd time I heard beautiful music coming thought my own headphones.

Also to make this to work with my car cassette adaptor I had to shorten my extender and also do a little chopping around of the jack rubber casing.

So now I can listen to music through any regular headphone and also in my car, and I didn’t have to buy any additional accessory form anyone anywhere!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

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