Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GUIDE: Universal Unbricker V3 Using Official Firmware FAT/SLIM PSP.

This guide is intended for use with Official Firmware FAT/SLIM PSP's. If you have a 1.50 FAT PSP or FAT/SLIM custom firmware PSP go HERE and use the guide to walk you through these steps.

This guide will guide you through the creation of a Magic Memory Stick + Pandora Battery that will install or unbrick a PSP to 3.71 M33-2 custom firmware.

In edition I have provided the following UPDATES/ADD ON files.

3.71 M33-4
1.50 ADD ON-2 for 3.71 M33

3.80 M33
3.80 M33-5
1.50 ADD ON for 3.80 M33

3.90 M33
3.90 M33-2
1.50 ADD ON for 3.90 M33


Lets get started with the Magic Memory Stick.

Download the files linked below...

Due to the size limitations on Media Fire I have split the download file into 3 parts. You will need to download Part1, Part2 and Part3 then place all Parts in the same directory on the PC and choose Univer_File.part1 to extract. Part2 and Part3 will automatically extract with Part1 creating the complete folder.

Download Link: Part1 Part2 Part3

Send Space Link (1 full file): HERE

Sendspace is a free file hosting service. If you get an error when trying to download keep trying. It just means the free service bandwidth is at max and no more users can download at that time. Just keep trying to download it and it should start the download once a slot comes open).

Extract the file and go to the Easy Installer folder.

Start the Easy installer by clicking on the START Icon.

Select Language 1-3 Then press Enter.

Press any key to continue.

Type in your PSP Drive letter. Then press Enter.

Select "1. Continue To Pandora installer" Then press ENTER

Disable the USB and Format your Memory Stick via System Settings. Then enable the USB again. Then press any key to continue.

Press ENTER when it ask to insert new disc (you should already have the Memory Stick in since you just formated it).

It will scan the Memory Stick.

Type Y then ENTER when it ask if your sure you want to format.

Take out the Memory Stick and then disable the USB.

Then insert the Memory Stick and enable the USB again.

Then Press any key to continue

Select Option 4 "Universal unbricker for FAT or SLIM (This installs custom firmware 3.71 M33-2)"

Type 4 and Press ENTER

The files will now be installed to the Memory Stick.

After it has finished writing the files you will get an image similar to below. Just type Y and ENTER to finish the instillation of files to the Magic memory Stick.

Press any key to close the DOS box.

You are now done with the Easy Installer.

Now go to the ADD_ON folder that was included with the download above.

Drag the PSP folder and 1.50.PBP to the ROOT of the Memory Stick.

When it ask to over Write choose YES TO ALL.

You can now go to /PSP/GAME folder and delete the despertar_cementerio, pan3xx, ospbt, pandora_battery and pandora_battery% folder because they are not needed.

You are now finished with the Magic Memory Stick part of the guide.


This part of the guide will give you some options on getting a Pandora Battery.

The recommended option that I suggest is buying a Datel Tool battery...

You can do a Google search and find a website that offers this type of service battery.

A second option is Hardmoding the battery. This can be dangerous if not done properly. I take no responsibility if something goes wrong with this option.

I also will not reply to any questions regarding this option. I do not recommend it and have not done it myself. You will need to take the necessary steps to find this information out on your own.

I will however provide you with this guide HERE that shows how to Hardmod a FAT/SLIM Battery.

After you have made the magic memory stick and got a Datel Tool Battery/Hardmodded the Battery you can now use them to install custom firmware to a FAT/SLIM PSP.

Just place the Magic Memory Stick in the PSP and then place the Datel Tool/Hardmodded Battery into the PSP and a menu should come up. X will install 3.71 M33-2 to the PSP and O will install 3.71 official firmware to the PSP.

After it has finished installing the files you can then turn off the PSP and replace the Battery with the normal 1. If you Hardmodded the Battery you will need to unmod it to get it back to normal use.


Now it is time to install the UPDATES/ADD ON files.

Go to Game Menu Memory Stick and run MUX 2.0 application.

This will bring up a menu that has all the updates listed.

Choose the update by moving the X at the left up and down with the D-Pad. Then press X when you select the update you want. The Memory Stick Led will flash a few seconds (3.80 M33 and 3.90 M33 flashes a little longer) and after it stops flashing you can go to EXIT at the bottom of the list and it will exit to XMB. Now run the UPDATE via Game Menu Memory Stick.

For those wanting to go to 3.80 M33 or 3.90 M33 just go straight to it and skip the 3.71 M33-4 update.

Those that have a FAT PSP you can also install the 1.50 ADD ON that corresponds with whatever firmware you choose to update to.

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