Monday, May 26, 2008

10 Reasons to Ditch Your Blackberry for the iPhone

I’ll offer you ten reasons why you should leave your Blackberry behind and choose to phone different*

*In this article, I am using the Curve as the measuring stick for all things ‘Blackberry’

10. Touchscreen/Non-Touchscreen
Call me crazy but I don’t miss the QWERTY keypad on the Curve at all. I’ve quickly grown accustomed to the iPhone’s soft keyboard and haven’t looked back. My trick? Type with conviction.

It may be just personal preference, but I always thought the Curve’s keyboard to be its weakest point. It was efficient, to be sure, but the keyboard’s quality didn’t match with the rest of the phone. Sure, I got the reassurance of a ‘click’ but it is much too plastic-y and hollow for my liking.

Because a main draw to smartphones (non-iPhone) is the physical keyboard, I think it’s a glaring oversight that RIM included such a sub-par keyboard. Bear with me here, Apple’s soft keyboard has received favorable reviews in its execution while the Curve’s keyboard just seems cheap.

9. E-Mail
Before I get flamed to obscurity, know this, I acknowledge that the Blackberry is an e-mail beast. Push e-mail is always better than pull e-mail, no arguments about it.

It’s just that the iPhone’s Mail Client is not as pathetic as it is made to be. Even though it isn’t instantaneous, I prefer the interface of mail on the iPhone. Perhaps it’s the bigger screen real estate that allows more fluid and intuitive programming, but the Blackberry just seemed so basic after experiencing mail on the iPhone.

The standard e-mail client on the Blackberry leaves so much to be desired and the white TextEdit-esque background is not elegant whatsoever.

8. Design
Everything about the Curve was thoughtfully approached, from the form factor that fits perfectly into your hand to the rubber grips that outline the edges. The lightness of the phone was also a pleasant surprise, the Curve just felt perfect in your hands. But with the Blackberry, the appeal lessens over time; it just became another device to carry, a design trapped by its phone functionality.

On the flip side, the iPhone’s design is award winning and very likely, the best looking gadget on the market. The one piece design redefines the way a phone is ‘supposed’ to look and by just holding it, you can feel its importance.

7. Sync
My problem with Blackberry was always the lack of Mac support. Right out of the box, there is no solution. Mac Users would have to find third party programs such as PocketMac or the MissingSync to connect to their computer.

6. Media
The Curve was supposed to be RIM’s big step into the multimedia world. But without being able to sync to my Mac (and to iTunes), my Curve just languished in non-media purgatory. My 4GB microsd card? Useless. The Curve’s supposedly improved media capabilities? Never used.

The iPhone is as Steve Jobs often puts it, the best iPod in Apple’s iPod line. As Blackberry slowly improves their media capabilities, Apple is already firmly entrenched as the premier media device maker in the business.


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