Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Men Confess: How I Knew She Was "The One"

Ever wonder what it is that pushes guys from "maybe" to "yes"? Here, 15 guys spill what it was that drove them to realize that girl was "The One."

Only time will tell
"It was the furthest thing from love at first sight. We worked at the same company for more than a year without ever talking. But fate took over one night when there was an open seat next to me at happy hour. We talked for more than an hour before we noticed that we had matching Winnie-the-Pooh watches — a rare find among professionals in Washington, DC! That was when I knew we were destined to be together."
— Patrick Riccards, 28, Alexandria, VA

Plucky girl
"I met my wife just before I turned 30. Ten minutes into our initial conversation, she asked if I'd seen the latest Rogaine commercial. The question was more than a little impolite, since I had lost most of my hair in my early 20s. I quickly concluded that she had either no clue or remarkable pluck. The latter turned out to be the case. I asked her out, and 10 months later we were married."
— Rob DeRocker, 42, Brooklyn

First came the wedding...
"I was at a wedding, and this beautiful brunette was sitting across the aisle from me with a young girl in her lap. I assumed she was the woman's daughter. At the time, I was single and not looking for a serious relationship, especially with someone who had a child. But I couldn't take my eyes off her. There was something about the way she held the little girl in her arms and the silly way they interacted that captivated me. After the ceremony I lost her in the crowd. By midnight I was about to give up my search when an older woman asked if I had a date. Nervously, I replied no. She asked if she could introduce me to her niece, Mary, who turned out to be my mystery woman — the girl sitting in her lap was her cousin! Mary ended up becoming my wife."
— Steve Rosa, 37, Rumford, RI

Close shave
"I was intimidated by my wife when we started dating because she was older than me and already out of school. One night she cooked a romantic dinner and then surprised me with this aftershave I used to wear in London that I hadn't been able to find in the States. She went out of her way for me. It had to be love. I guess it didn't hurt that I accidentally caught a glimpse of her postshower, dripping wet and in a green silk robe!"
— Keith Stephens, 34, Dallas

Home run
"I knew Hope and I would be together forever when I turned on ESPN's SportsCenter for the first time — and she didn't ask me to change the channel!"
— Jason Brown, 29, Troy, MI

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