Monday, January 11, 2010

Google "Nexus 2" will rival Blackberry

Less than a week into the release of its Nexus One superphone, Google is already outlining plans for the 'Nexus Two,' which it states will be aimed at enterprise customers.

Google executive Andy Rubin discussed the company's plans for the next version of its smartphone at an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal. According to PC Pro, the successor to the Nexus One will be aimed at enterprise users and may even feature a physical keyboard rather than the virtual keyboard of the current version.

Whereas the Nexus One is commonly viewed as a direct challenge to Apple's iPhone, it seems that the Nexus Two is set to enter the enterprise smartphone market, providing competition to BlackBerry maker RIM. However, the company has not yet revealed any further details on the phone's functionality, hardware or operating system.

It seems likely that any successors to Google's Nexus One will be exclusively available from Google's dedicated web store, at least initially. The company has generated much discussion over this unusual selling strategy, which currently restricts sales of the Nexus One to Google's newly set up mobile store. Customers can choose between versions with Android installed and unlocked phones.

The Nexus One is a new step for Google into the smartphone market, however the Mountain View giant could already be facing a legal battle over use of the Nexus One name, after the family of the late sci-fi author Philip K Dick claimed that the name was taken from Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, later filmed as Blade Runner.

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