Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Found this on the internet thanks to GOOGLE. had to blog this ASAP. followed the instructions and it worked so flawlessly. Windows 7 is a really sweet OS, just like my “Ma”.

  1. Go to “start menu” and type “folder options
  2. Go to it then “view”. Then uncheck “Hide protected operating system files
  3. Keep folder options for now.
  4. Press “windows key + r”
  5. Type: “\Windows\Globalization\MCT\”
  6. Go to “MCT-AU”
  7. Go to “themes
  8. then double click “AU.theme”
  9. Now go back to “\Windows\Globalization\MCT\” and do the others eg. GB and US.
  10. Now go back to “folder options” and check “Hide protected operating system files”.
  11. Close “folder options” and now check themes in personalization. you should see all the unlocked themes.

PS: cant wait for GOOGLE BUZZ to be released . . . .

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