Monday, November 22, 2010

Step by Step guide installing Ubuntu 10.10 on a Windows 7 System (Dual booting)

First I completely formatted the hard disk
Second I made three partitions in hard disk (C, D & E)
In partition C, I installed windows 7 (First windows should be installed in newly formatted hard disk)
And in partition E, I installed Ubuntu 10.10

For Installation Windows 7 here the step by step method

Setting up your computer and BIOS (Changes if Required)

When you start your computer put your Windows 7 DVD in DVD drive. And Restart

In most cases it will automatically boot in to the Windows 7 installation.

But in some cases Boot device order has to change.

BIOS it may boot you’re running operating system. In that case you will need to change the BIOS. You change the BIOS setting to boot from CD/DVD instead boot from hard drive.

Booting UP and First Installation steps

Installation of Windows 7 almost like Vista Installation type. But you have to care full read the descriptions in each time before clicking the NEXT button to avoid and disasters. There are options to choose in these steps you may find them with each images.

a) You choose your Language options by ‘Language to install’, ‘Time and Currency format’ and ‘Keyboard or input method’ here.

b) This screen is where the installation wizard begins. The install now options will leads to the

Advanced install options. For repairing a corrupt installation the ‘Repair your computer’ button

Located at the bottom-left can be used. For fresh installs just click the Install now button.

c)     Tick the ‘I accept the license terms’ checkbox and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

d) You will see a new box next in the you have two options 1. Upgrade and custom (advanced). 2. The custom install you have to go for second option that is “CUSTOM INSTALL”

e) Clicking on the ‘Custom’ button brings the install location selection screen.

Choose C partition to install windows 7 and click Format. Then click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Windows might create additional partitions for system files. This is a new feature in Windows 7 to have a small boot partition for system files.

f) Click Ok to continue.

g) Select the partition you just created and click next to continue.

The Windows 7 installation begins. Wait for 15 - 30 minutes for the all new OS! at installation time it will ask to give password, time setting etc.. Like in vista you have to give it.

How to install Ubuntu 10.10

After Windows 7 installation is over now you have to put your Ubuntu 10.10 CD in drive and restart your system.

It will open with welcome box. In that you have to press Install Ubuntu button

You will see a new box call preparing to install Ubuntu box. Just press Forward button.

Now you will see a new box in that you have to select “Install along side other operating system

Press Forward button.

You will see a new box of “Allocate drive space”: in that you will see a RED COLLUR “advanced partitioning tool” just press it.

Now you will see Allocate drive space.

Now you can see

Device                  Type                          Size                        Used


/dev/sda1                ntfs                       104MB                    35MB

dev/sda 2                ntfs                  209609MB             18054 MB

dev/sda 3                ntfs                 157286 MB                3221MB

dev/sda 4                ntfs                  133106MB

(Note: - this information is my system hard drive information so in you system your hard drive information you will see)

So I selected /dev/sda 4 for Ubuntu 10.10.

If you just press on /dev/sda4 you will see three button enabled 1. Change 2.Delete 3. Revert

Just to to second button that is deleting after Delete you will see free space

Now just click on free space you will see one box Add

Press add button now it will open a box called Create Partition

Now you have to go Mount point box you will see

/, /boot, /home, /tmp, /usr, /var, /srv, /opt, /usr/local.

First you will go to /boot. Now you have to go “new Partition size in megabytes(1000000bytes);” and now give 4000 ( I have lot of space in my hard disk that way I given 4000 so you have to give as per Ubuntu manual instructions)   and press ok button

Now again you go to free space and press /home give 4000 and press OK like that you have to give all partitions. After all partitions allocated is over now you have to give /swap partition.

The size of /swap partitions is 2 times of your Ram (Exp:- RAM is 1 GB you have to give 2GB (2000) as /swap partitions

And finally / (ROOT) reaming available free space you have to give for / (ROOT) partition.

And press “Install Now” button

You will see a box “do you want to return to this partitions menu

Just press “Continue button”

After that you have to

Set Time and press forward button

Key board lay out “USA” press Forward button

Type you name   --> fill all filled and press Forward button

After installation is over restart the system

After Installation you will see a box in booting time in that you have to choose which operating system you have to run.
Booting box looks like this
GNU GRUB VERSION 1.98+20100804-5 Ubuntu3
Ubuntu,with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic
Ubuntu,with Linux 2.6.35-22-generic (Recovery mode)
Memory test (Memtest 86+)
Memory test (Memtest 86+ serial console 115200)
Windows 7 (loader) (on /dev/sda1)

In this way I have successfully installed windows7 and Ubuntu 10.10 on HP system in my office. Do the same thing and enjoy.

All the best

Allu John Sudhakar
System/Network Administrator
UCE, OU Osmania University

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