Monday, May 31, 2010

Dealing with Menstrual Cramps and Learning How to Minimize the Pain They Cause - Dysmenorrhea

Heat packs:
it is recommended that you try using heat packs to see if the heat would numb the pain. Use the kind that you place into the microwave for about a minute, place it back into the pouch, and place it onto your abdominal area. They work great for a certain amount of time, but after a while, it gets pretty tiring of having to reheat it every couple minutes.

Check out this link to see how you can make your own hot pad: or

Warm drinks:
it is recommended that drinking warm drinks such as herbal, strawberry leaf tea and chamomile tea will help to reduce the pains.


- Some women find it eases pain if they lay face down on a bed, then get on their knees, sticking their butt up in the air, but leaving their head on the pillow. This tilts the uterus and can relieve pain.

- Studies have found that regular exercise all month long decreases the intensity of menstrual symptoms. Frequent exercise also helps alleviate stress and decrease excess fluid retention

- Walk around the neighborhood, run on the treadmill, go ride your bike, or any other exercises you enjoy. This will increase blood flow which will help the cramps go away


- Make sure you avoid alcohol, caffeine: soda, pop, coffee, etc, etc. Also, avoid foods high in sugar and sodium.

- Take in a variety of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat dairy, yogurt and healthful oils (mono-unsaturated and Omega-3s)

- Lots and lots of water

- Plenty of fiber is particularly useful in cleansing the body of excess estrogen (which can lead to heavier and more painful periods).

Try also soaking your feet in hot water

Also, it may help to put a cat or other SMALL animal on top of wherever you have cramps. Make sure the animal is calm. The vibrations of a purring cat help to relax your muscles, while the gentle heat gets rid of cramps . . . *just a thought*

* Sexual activities do not help anything with the menstrual cycle. Try to avoid as much as possible.

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