Sunday, May 2, 2010

FacePAD . . . .

Ever wondered how you were going to get all those pictures you put up on facebook onto your computer just in case you decided to quit one day?

Well I kinda had that ‘wondering spirit’ this morning and luckily came upon this cool firefox plug-in called “facePAD”

You need to be running the latest version of firefox to be able to do this. The plug-in allows you to download all your albums with just a right click of your mouse. it also enables you to download friends albums.

To download photos from the a friend's album, right-click (with your mouse) on the name/link of a facebook album and click the Download Album with FacePAD option. If you did this properly, a JavaScript pop-up will appear telling you that it has begun downloading the selected album. Press OK and the photos will be downloaded to Firefox’s default download directory.

get this plug-in from HERE

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