Monday, March 4, 2013


Below are four set standards to acquire land in Ghana:

1.       Land Inspection: The investor must check the boundary corners of the land in question to verify the full extent of the land and be sure of the feasibility of the project to be used. This must be done by an expert and must be in the presence of the land owners as witnesses.

2.       Land Search: This is the most important stage. Here Surveyors   go onto the land to pick and demarcate the land parcel. The result is taken to the lands commission of Ghana to verify the true ownership of the. If the name that comes up is the same as your land owners, then you can carry on the process, if not quit or seek a legal advise.

3.       Land Documentation: The investor can proceed with the documentations, normally after a quarter or part payment has been done. The land owners then prepare the documents which must include a true and certified copy of Indenture and site plans.

4.       Land Title Certification: Actually this can be done simultaneously with the projects inception since the land title certification from the Land title registry of Ghana takes quite some time, about four mouths.


Sample Of a Site Plan

Sample Of a Site Plan

Source: Gyropod Survey Consult

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