Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Heal a Soaked wet Blackberry 8900

I recently dropped my blackberry into water. I thought I had lost my baby forever. Then I said to myself, if my Samsung could survive this then my BB will surely past the test. I took the phone out of the water dripping H20. These are the few steps I followed to get my BB back to life:

1. took the battery, sim and memory card out ASAP

2. Tried to get it dried the best way how (wiping it clean, shaking it to get the water out, etc.)

3. I also tried drying it by holding it to a fast blowing fan, but it still wouldn’t come on when I put the battery back in

4. Then I remembered a blackberry forum post a friend sent me which talked about leaving the BB in a bag of dry uncooked rice. What I didn’t know was how long to leave it in there. I did it first for about 30mins, took it out and tried it. Still didn’t work. I then put it back and left it in the bag over night. The purpose of the rice is to soak the moisture out.

5. An alternative to the rice is leave the device with the battery removed, sitting at 3 days on top of a heat emitting electronic device, like a cable converter box, stereo amp, something with the dry heat.

6. The key to recovery is several days without putting the battery in to check it. This has been noted to work for BB Storms too. Might take a little longer with the storm. You might even have to sun dry it after leavin it a day in the rice bag.

* Remember, electricity + water = not good.

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