Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Write a Visa Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is not an official document, but rather a personal letter you write in which you state who you are, whom you are inviting, what the link between you and the visa applicant is, why you are inviting the individual in question, for how long, where your guest will stay (in a hotel or in your home, for example), and so forth.

The letter must provide the embassy or consulate with full details of the planned visit. Belgian embassies and consulates still require an original document (not a copy).

Normally you will send your letter to the visa applicant, who can then submit it to the embassy or consulate when applying for their visa. If you are unable to send your invitation directly to the visa applicant, you may instead send it directly to our embassy or consulate, in which case your letter must state whether or not the applicant in question has already submitted their visa application (and if so, cite the date and official reference number).

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If you are interested in finding out how to write a visa letter of invitation for a guest to your country, there are many helpful resources that you can use in order to write the best visa letter of invitation that you possibly can. One such source is at the Queen Mary, University of London's website, in the Advice and Counseling Service Section, where there is a detailed explanation on what procedures to go through in writing your letter of invitation for a friend or family member to be admitted into your country through the visa and entry service established within Great Britain. For instance, the website at the Queen Mary, University of London's website gives the following information on writing a visa letter of invitation. According to the site, this is what you need to put in your invitation letter:

the full name and date of birth of the proposed visitor(s)

their relationship to you (parent, friend, etc)

why they want to come and visit you (for a holiday, to attend your graduation, etc.)

how long they want to stay in the UK and, if possible, their proposed arrival and departure dates

where they intend to stay; if they plan to stay with you, give your full address

your own immigration status in the UK (for example, student until 2007)

You can find a sample of a letter of invitation at or

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