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Take Heed! Your Pet Fish Could Fall Sick Too!

There are mainly two
different types of pet fish. These are:

* Tropical Fish
* Coldwater Fish

The most popular children's pet fishes tend to be coldwater fish. Many people keep them in a small fish bowl though that is not really recommended. All fish whether they are tropical or coldwater fish need an adequate amount of space to swim around in.Tropical pet fish need more hard work.

Popular Fish Breeds
Despite being a large variety of different fish breeds, there are a few species that are more popular than others.

The most common coldwater fish include:

* Goldfish
* Barbs
* Bloodfin Tetra
* Guppy
* Cat fish

Goldfish are the most popular type of fish as pets. Long gone are the days when the goldfish was boring and dull. There are now 300 different colors. Goldfish need special goldfish food as their dietary needs are different

Barbs need to live in groups of 6 or more otherwise they can become aggressive. They need an aquarium with a tight fitting lid. They are small, colorful and very active.

BloodFin Tetra
The Bloodfin tetra is a fairly non-aggressive fish and it can live peacefully. They are ideal for beginners and have long life span. They grow up to two inches in length and they are widely available.

Guppies grow around 5cm and they come in a small variety of colors. They live up to two years and they are well known for their breeding abilities. They can have up to 50 babies a time.

Cat Fish
There are different kinds of cat fish and they live up to different sizes. Some can grow quite large and they will need quite a large tank. The red tailed catfish in particular can grow quite large and should not be kept with other smaller fish.

The most popular tropical fish are:

* Betta
* Clownfish
* Swordtails
* Danios

Betta fish are one of the most popular tropical fish found in a lot of aquariums. They are extremely colorful .They are also known as the Siamese fighting fish and if put together, the males will fight to the death. Females can be kept together in groups of six and they can live with other gentle community fish.

The clownfish has become increasingly more popular since the film 'Finding Nemo', and they are recognized by bright coloring. There is a high demand for this type of tropical fish so breeders are cashing in by charging a fortune for them. They usually live in pairs.

These fish are aptly named for their sword-shaped tails. There are different colors and shapes available due to crossbreeding and they are easy to care. They like to live with plants. They do like to be kept with their own kind so it is always worth having around six of them.

There are a few members of the Danio fish family and one of the most common types is the zebra Danio. They grow to be around 2 inches long and they like to live in a tank with rocks and plants.

Factors to Be Considered Before Buying Fish

Before analyzing the types of pet fish, you should bear certain factors in mind, including:

* Costs Involved
* The Tank
* The Equipment
* The Different Breeds of Fish
* Food

All of the above are extremely important factors that need to be researched thoroughly before you buy pet fish. There are many pet fish supplies that you will need so it is worth bearing them all in mind.

You also need to decide how much space there is in your house for a tank. The equipment also needs careful consideration. Each breed of fish likes to live in a certain type of setting. Some fish love rocks and plants yet detest logs, while others like logs and plants but don't like rocks.

If you are thinking of having tropical fish you will more than likely need a heater to keep the fish at the right temperature. If you are having live plants in your aquarium you may also need a lighting system. Aquarium Gravel is also essential when keeping plants. Make sure you know what equipment before buying your fish.

There are different varieties of fish and not all of them get along together. Fish generally live with other fish of the same temperaments as themselves. However they do like to live with a group of the same kind of fish. So it is always worth buying in groups when choosing your fish. Certain breeds of fish, such as the Siamese fighting fish, do not like to live with other males and they will fight to the death in some cases.

Food is also another factor to bear in mind. If you are getting a goldfish you must give them special goldfish food. Other breeds such as some tropical fish will need special tropical food. Whichever breed of fish you have, you should never over feed them.
How Can I Tell If My Fish Is Ill?
Just like all other animals, fish will occasionally become sick and as they are so small and you cannot handle them, it is sometimes hard to see if there is anything wrong with them. Some symptoms are:

* Skin Abnormalities
* Bloated Abdomen
* They are not swimming right
* Not eating properly

Overall, all fish as pets can be difficult to keep and require a certain degree of patience in order to keep them happy and healthy. Coldwater fish are the easiest to look after but many people prefer tropical fish to look at. Whichever types of pet fish that you choose always make sure you know what you are doing before you buy them.

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