Thursday, August 27, 2009

Change my facebook language back to ENGLISH

Ok, so I got a facebook friend request in my Gmail inbox. I decided to check it out and see who this person was. Immediately I clicked on the link to facebook, it opens my facebook in "French". It freaked me out for a moment since I didn’t know what was going on. "Hackers from the east or ...." so I consulted the oracle of all oracles @ GOOGLE. Who consoled me and told me it was nothing but if I did these few steps, everything would come back to normal. Who am I to question the oracle, so I did as requested and hold and behold everything came back as normal. AMEN!!

1. Log out of your facebook in you are already logged in by clicking one
"Dexconection" or something like that in the upper right corner

2. Open facebook on your browser :

3. In the bottom left of the page click on the language you are using for example:
English (U.S).

4. Then a window will appear to choose the language you want.

5. Then you will notice the facebook language will change and you can login…

Easy as stealing candy from a baby, no wait that line is used so many times. Let’s try this, "easy as wizzy dropping another best seller”

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