Friday, August 14, 2009

Would you wear a BlackBerry Bluetooth watch?

I’m not much of a watch-wearer. It’s a physique thing. My forearms are big, but they taper down into wrists I can wrap my fingers around. It’s not normal, and it makes any wrist-wear look awkward. Yet I very well could wear a watch if it connected via Bluetooth to my BlackBerry. Think about it. You could just glance at your watch to see if you have any new emails, SMS, BBMs, or anything of the sort. I caught this on the BlackBerry OS forum, but apparently Gadgets News wrote it up back in May. How did I miss this one? A picture of the sweet thing after the jump.

So not only is it useful in that it can alert you to messages without you having to check your pocket or belt, but it looks nice to boot. I definitely dig the analog arms. Unfortunately, as BBCool tells us, this is just a mock-up. Damn.

According to the original post, it will allow you to transfer music and video, but I’m not quite sure why you’d want to transfer music or video to your watch. Apparently, RIM is working on a Bluetooth headset to go along with it.

Obviously there’s no price or target release date for this yet. It would be perfect, simply perfect for the holidays, though.

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