Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7 steps to keep your RIM Blackberry healthy and happy

Your Blackberry device is just like your PC and behaves exactly like it. Storing more and more data on your device can reduce its performance and slow it up considerably. Here is a list of things that you can do to keep your Blackberry device up and running at optimum health.

1. Delete all Unnecessary Applications: You might have installed more applications than you actually need on your Blackberry device. Your Blackberry would run faster and perform better if you keep only those applications that you actually use.

2. Delete all Unimportant text and email messages: Having old and unimportant text and email messages on your device can consume too much space and memory. Therefore it is good idea to delete such messages from your device.

3. Make use of Content Compression to free up space and memory: Your Blackberry comes with a feature called "Content Compression". You can use it to compress all your Blackberry data including messages, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, and memos and free up memory.

4. Get rid of your multimedia junkies: Multimedia files such as music and video files take up too much space and memory. Therefore it is a good idea to move them to an external memory card such as a micrsoSD card or delete them regularly from your device.

5. Optimize your Calendar appointment settings: The Blackberry Calendar stores a lot of information such as past appointments, meetings and other events. Therefore it is a good idea to adjust calendar settings to keep only the most up to date data. If your calendar stores important data and you don't want to get rid of, then it is a good idea to backup your data before deleting it.

6. Clear your Event Log regularly: Just like your PC, the blackberry device keeps log of all events and processes running on it. With time this log can grow considerably in size and take up too much space and memory. Therefore it is good idea to clear your Event Log regularly.

7. Clear your Browser's Cache regularly: Your Blackberry web browser keeps information of all sites that you visit in its cache. Clearing it regularly can result in better performance.

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