Wednesday, March 17, 2010


- so I was given my first site meeting out of the city this year,
2010. Couldn't have been at a better location than Denu a small town
right outside Aflao the boarder town between Ghana and Togo.

- looking at the nature of the place and ethnicity, I decided to go by
public transport to be on a safer side, just in case . . .
The trip was to take about 3hrs. Had to catch the morning bus that
leaves at 8 in the morning

- first thin one sees as u leave the city is the large stretch of land
that looks like a virgin about to be touched for the very first time.
The air is so fresh due to all the greens occupying the land in that
part of the country.

- we had our first stop a few minutes after "sogakope". All I could do
was watch faces. I couldn't hear a cod damn thin anyone was saying.
Apart from the baby wailing and screaming behind me the whole trip.

- some of the towns we drove thru are: Sogakope, Hlevi, Alesikekpe,
Dabala, Lolito, Nyinuto, Sokutime, Atrevenu, Agortoe, Salo . . .
don't bother trying to pronounce them, u r definitely going to get it

- on the rd I didn't see no s-class, no 5-series or even a toyota
matrix aka go kart. All u could see were buses aka trotro, bicycles
and a few taxis aka cabs. This makes u ask yourself if people leaving
in these parts of the country ever listen to sirius radio or even get
the chance to watch super sports or ESPN.

- trips like this should be taken at least ones a year by every
claiming citizen of the country to learn a lot about humility and good

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