Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Body from Scratch

I was watching CNN the other day when this show came up: Untold Stories. They had a very captivated topic on that particular episode called “Body from Scratch”. I stayed glued to my seat to find out what this topic was all about since I had some rice on fire.

The story was about how some doctors in the U.S.A. had found ways to trick or make the human body regenerate/repair/re-grow/heal tissues/body parts by applying a powder like substance called ECM to the body.

ECM is the short form for Extracellular Matrix. It is strangely gotten from Pig bladder/intestine. Under the influence of ECM, salamanders re-grow limbs, deer grow new antlers and a human fetus grows and re-grows body parts.

It is currently being used regularly to treat ulcers by closing the hole in the tissue that lines the stomach, but further research is currently being done by many universities as well as the U.S.A. Government for wounded soldier applications. As of early 2007, testing was being carried out on a military base in Texas. Scientists are using a powdered form on Iraq War veterans whose hands were damaged in the war.

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