Thursday, December 20, 2007

Artist of The Month

This is yet another new topic I'm starting in this blog about new talents I've discovered in the past month. I'll then be giving out a brief "wiki" about these artist and where to get their sounds to download.

Over the years I've come across foreign talented young artist like MILA J. (signed on Marques Houston's Label). She had some hit tracks like: "No More Complaining" and "Good Looking Out" She also collaborated on some of Marques Houston's hit songs on his last album,

Also I came across this Lebanese looking talent by the name MASSARI. He has hit songs like "Real Love and Rush to The Floor" under his belt. READ MORE!

In the previous months I've really come to like songs from this RnB artist called BOBBY TINSLEY. He's got some pretty cool tracks like "What About"

This Month I decided to put the spot light on a young Chinese artist by the name STEVIE HOANG. He's got some super hit track like "No Games", "Before You Go" and my favorite "One Night Only". Here is his Independent Album titled " This Is Me"
You can listen to songs from these artist from my singles collection or my media player. You can also just simply Google 'em. Don't forget to add mediafire to the Google search in order to get the results with mediafire as the download site.

Bobby Esco

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