Saturday, December 29, 2007

*** The best simple tutorial for repair & unlock iphone ***

1.-restore with itunes firmware 1.1.2
2.-now your iphone base band restored to 04_02_13_g and imei its ok ( your iphone will be restored without errors with itunes)
3.-after this put in dfu mode with ibrick9
4.-downgrade firmware to 1.1.1
5-make jailbreak & activacion
6.-add this source to your installer sources
7.-go to system and install ( bsd subsystem )
8.-go to unlocking tools and install ( the virginaizer ) (aka virginaizer) this tool alows to downgrade base band and also repair the base band if you have 0049XXX imei
9.-after run the virginaizer restore your iphone using itunes to version 1.1.1
10.-jailbreak, activate and unlock using the tools of the mentioned source
Bobby Esco

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