Sunday, December 23, 2007

Countdown to Christmas_2

Sun. 23rd December. Church service is almost over. Another powerful sermon served by our catholic father, Father Mintah (Prince of Peace). The sermon was all about virgins and how christmas is being taken over by clubs, concerts, loud music and booze. The readings was taken from:
Reading 1: Is 7:10-14
Reading 2: Rom 1:1-7
Gospel : Mt 1:18-24
As usual Father Mintah dished out todays sermon with ultermost care, making very sure not to get out of line as this is a very delicate topic in the Ghanian community. Takin into consideration how the Moslim community cherish virgins and folks forgeting that not attending 24th-26th mass as a chatolic is a Mortal Sin. He also made is known how christmas songs are being swept out of our homes gradually and how the word Christmas refers to the mass of christ and that the season is a time of reflecting on our lives and giving out rather than buying expensive and provocative cloths. I wish I could post an audio recording of the sermon, maybe next time.

"its Esco in case u aint know so"

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