Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Did You Know That...

I decided to include this column in my blog called "Did you know that...". I picked this idea from my local fm radio station(Atlantis 87.9).

Did you know that an apple iphone is a 2.5G phone?, apple decided to release a 2.5G phone because 3G phones are noted to drain batteries quicker.

Did you know that the jackson 5 are planning on a comeback tour, guess '08 is the comeback year for our falling music soldiers. Go SPICEPOWER!

Did you know that budweiser beer was named after a Czech town (budweis)

Did you know that the fisrt credit card was issued in1951

Did you know that Indonesia has 365 different languages

Did you know that about half the worlds porpulation has seen atleast one 007 movie

Did you know that cows dont have upper front teeth

Did you know that the Emmy award was first called Immy

"its Esco in case u aint know so"

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