Thursday, December 27, 2007

Countdown to Christmas_1

Mon. 24th December.
EARLIER: went out to get a hair cut at the same place Jay Z got his
done when he came down here during his african tour.
NOW:At the usual 24th night vigil I've been attending since i was a
seedling. Funny enough, I found myself sleeping half way through the
preaching till a sweet lady sitting next to me tapped me, but I caught
the ending and most important part though. After church I went home
and slept my boring little ass off. Woke up early, got my dress all
cleaned up and ready to hit the town. But there was no one home to
wait for pops, so I had to stay at home till 10. Thats when I went to
pick up my hommie Poku Dee so we could hit town and see what eveyone
else was up to. His lil' cousin Abass a.k.a Sexy Beast taggled along
for the ride. Hmmm! Wonder why my gmail IMAP isn't working.

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Bobby Esco

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