Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Names iPhone Invention of the Year, Greg Packer Man of the Year

Time Magazine has named iPhone “Invention of the Year”, a title shared with… well I don’t recall Time ever bestowing that award on any product, but this is after all the same publication that once named Adolf Hitler Man of the year, and me (or rather everyone) Person of the year.

Invention of the year is an overstated understatement. Any product that has educated adults behaving like pre-teens camped outside retails stores for days on end, and turns slobs into celebrities, is an achievement unrivaled by any other medium. Invention of the Century would be more fitting.


But guess what? I'm still not going to get myself one. Wanna know why?

1. My friends iPhone got re-locked for good today as he tried to upgrade the firmware which he shouldn't have. Guess he wasn't really a good student back in school.

I wouldn't want to pay alot of money for a phone, go through all the hustle to hack it and have someone just connect it to itunes and upgrade it just to *f* my phone up. Nope, i definitely wouldn't want that. Neither would you right?

2. I wouldn't want a call coming in through my mp3 as i am cruising on I-95 blazing

Illmatic by Nas and have a call come through just to pause my music. Esp. a call from one of my Ex.

I'ld rather get a nokia E61i as i have right now or ... and an iPod touch or something, but definitely not both in one.

More reasons coming later

*Had to post this for my friend ... You know who you are. Sorry man, hope we can get it back.*

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