Saturday, December 8, 2007

AutoCan 2008

My homeboy Curtis decide to sell his pimped out Infiniti G35 2005 Model in Ghana during the African Cup of Nations. Being a good friend and a crazy Blogger, I decided to give him a hand by posting it on my Blog.

  • Manual Transmission
  • Custom candy dripping paint
  • Custom rims with candy coated paint to match the car
  • Lamborghini doors
  • Custom front grill
  • Racing brakes combo (Brembo Edition)
  • Racing pedals and suspension guaranteed to enable you bend corners at 100mph
  • Racing chip and turbo valves
  • Custom dash board equipped with:

o 50GB hard drive(30GB for your media files and 20GB for navigation)

o DVD player, touch screen monitor, memory stick pro slot and ipod slot

o Sony PS2 or 3(which ever you prefer)

o 110V socket outlet(so you can hook up your PS2 or 3 in the car)

  • State of the art sound system
Check out the pictures below. Price range $...

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